[3] Blue Beetle Kisses

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B O Y ' S

By seven in the morning, Archer had crawled back through the window he initially came through and allowed me to finally have some privacy.

After confirming that he was completely out of sight I hop into the shower, putting on a mixtape Ryder gave me.

It is a guilty pleasure of mine to occasionally play Ryder Nilsen's mixtape he made for me for our two-year anniversary. The mixtape consists of overplayed love songs and what was commonly heard at weddings. At the time he gave me the disc I was extremely fond of it, the love songs reminders of all the joy of a healthy relationship. That is until I found out our relationship was anything but healthy, that Ryder had cheated on me with my own cousin, Delilah.

Betrayal is something that can never be forgiven; it's cruel and unforgettable. I remember vividly the day I found out of Ryder's affair. I had been riding with my cousin to a family lunch and she happened to have the same exact mixtape inserted in her car. It was anything but a coincidence that she had the same playlist of songs because the beginning of the disc was of Ryder singing a cover of an indie love song. At some point in the car ride, I mustered up the courage to ask her for confirmation of their relationship. I asked her for the name of the boy who had stolen her heart and she indeed said Ryder. Ryder is anything but a common name.

Ryder and I shortly after the event had transpired broke up. I made sure to spare no feelings when I broke up with him. I also happened to key his most prized possession out of rage, his brand new car his parents bought for him a month before our breakup.

The car is still scratched to this day and serves as a remainder of my personal heartbreak.

My cousin Delilah cried and apologized profusely when she found out that the two of us were stuck in love with the same guy, she still does. Love sucks.

I conclude that thought and hurry to dress myself in a simple, effortless, and very Monday of an outfit.

Ten minutes after I wrestle with my hair I'm running downstairs, school starting in ten minutes.

"Morning, Dad," I say quickly, making a run for the front door.

Dad, please don't ask about this morning and the moan I clearly did not make.

I'm about to twist the doorknob when my dad speaks, "Morning, sweetheart."

I turn around and place a small innocent smile on my face.

"Have a nice day at work-"

"I went to the pharmacy and picked up some pain relievers; I can schedule you an appointment for the lady doctor if the bad pain continues," he says with genuine concern laced in his voice.

My dad is great, especially after my mom passed. However, although she died I don't want him to think he has to be the one who has to be there for my womanly adventures. I rather he just be the normal dad who avoids the subject and pretends like I'm always his little girl.

"I'm feeling a lot better now," I say before saying a final goodbye.

As I walk out the door all I want is to slap Archer for making my dad and I go through that awkward spell.

* * *

"You and me Grey," Archer proclaims loudly at lunch, the second I'm about to take a bite out of my grilled chicken wrap.

The courting had apparently begun and let me say that he was not at all Romeo and an advanced romancer.

He is holding a wilting rose and he has a new purple bruise near his chin, battle wounds fresh and something that could not impress.

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