Is it really a break if I'm stressed?

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Run and hide Sunday girl

Spring break was looming over us all. We'd have time off school, but we'd have to use the time to study. Mid-year exams would start shortly after the break. A prediction of our final grade would be used if there was any disruption to the final exams. The prediction came from the mid-years.

Many people didn't care about these exams as "They don't count towards my final grade, that's what the final's are for." However, anyone with half a brain was aware that Garmadon's attacks were becoming more frequent and harder for the Ninja to control. If Garmadon was to succeed in whatever it was he is trying to achieve, it would disrupt everything, not just final grades.

The week leading up to Spring break, Angie and I kept a close eye on our friends. Or should we say the secret ninja force?

"It has to be them." I took a massive gulp of my expresso, "It's too obvious, how has no one uncovered this before."

"I-Is that your s-s-second expresso t-t-today?"

"No, it's my fourth."

We had turned Angie's secret lair into a detectives den, and by that I mean the store cupboard at the back of the coffee shop Angie worked at now had a corkboard with wool lines swooping around in every direction.

"I-I'm not to sure i-i-if that's healthy [Y-Y/n]"

I waved my hand at her, chugging the rest of it. "I've gotta stay awake somehow. This and my studying takes up a lot of my time."

"S-Still [y/n], how much sleep are y-you getting?" I've noticed that when Angie speaks slower and softer, she doesn't stutter as much. It gives me an idea of what she sounded like before the accident.


"T-two what?"

"I can't remember." I walked over to a picture of Lloyd that I had pinned carefully on the corkboard. "I wonder how he handles it?"


"Think about it. People are always so horrible to him. Blaming him for something he is literally fighting against. He's fighting against his own dad..."

A tear escaped my tired eyes. It's saltiness, sliding down my cheek slowly like a snail.

"[Y/n]. I th-think you sh-should go home and r-rest, even j-j-just for a little bit." Angie smiled comfortingly at me.

"Yeah I think your right..." I hugged Angie and headed towards the door.

"[Y/n]? L-l-look, th-th-th-the thing. I-It's floating!" She tugged on my arm frantically.

I quickly snapped my head towards her, she was pointing to the shelf we kept our wool.

Sure enough, it was hovering in the air, a purple aura cupping it gently.

"[Y-Y/n]? Y-your eyes. They're-"


"Wh-what's going on?"

"I'm also an elemental master..."


"Woah... S-so how come you didn't p-p-pass out just then?"

"I don't know..." I picked up the wool, cupping it in my hands similar to how my powers had been before, "Maybe I'm finally learning how to control it..."

"W-We should try it o-o-out, l-l-like the training montage in movies.

"No. It's too dangerous. I don't want to... hurt you..." I stated, trailing off at the end mentally begging for the memories to leave me alone.

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