#4 Return

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"Kisaki! That hurts!" y/n tears up as she was wacked with a rolled up piece of game magazine,"Then do the equation right! Honestly, I taught you this like five times." Kisaki groans with exhaustion and frustration,"You really are an idiot."

"I'm sorry, ya jerk!" y/n whines as she re-does the question,"Want me to leave?" Kisaki grits his teeth into a strained grin as a tick mark is on his head,"Na hah." y/n says before showing her final answer, receiving a nod of approval,"Much better. Seesh, when you said you were bad at math, I thought you were getting like in the 50 percentages. How is it possible you're so smart with the rest of your subjects, but with math you're terrible?" he questions with a hand on his chin.

"There's just too many equations, questions and different ways to work these things out, my brain just can't seem to keep up with it." y/n pouts as she lays her forehead on the table, her arms covering her face. Kisaki sighs with a smile,"Well, you're getting better. Slowly, but surely. We'll end things here for today. I need to go meet up with some 'friends'." he says as he packs up.

"Okay, see ya Kisaki." y/n waves with a small tired smile as Kisaki grins back before leaving the building,"He's been smiling more around me. That's good, he's opening up. He's such a nice guy." suddenly y/n's phone buzzes with a notification,"Hey yo, who's messaging me?" she looks to see it's from Mikey,"How the heck did he get my number?" she mutters with surprise.


Hey, you're probably wondering how I got your number, huh? I asked your mom for it.

"Dang it mom." y/n huffs with a pout as she thought about how her mother carelessly gives her number out. Her dad even scolded her about it.


Anyways, I want to invite you to tonight's Toman meeting. It's at Musashi Temple, can't miss it.

I want you to meet my friends, because they've been curious about you too. I'll invite Takemichy next time.

Meeting is at 7, don't be late. I know where you live.

That last part made y/n shiver,"Seriously, this boy doesn't have any filter. Damn." she pouts before getting up and going downstairs,"Hey mom, Mikey just invited me to one of his gang meetings tonight at 7. Can I go?" she asks.

"Yes, of course. But, why does he want you at one of his gang meetings? You're not a member." Coraline hums with confusion,"Yeah, he wants me to meet his pals." y/n scratches the back of her head,"Oh, that's so considerate of him~ He's such a nice boy along with his friend. You know what? I'll make a basket full of sweets for them to enjoy! Oh, I'm so excited for you!" Coraline squeals with joy before retreating back into the kitchen.

"Mom... You're so enthusiastic." y/n sweatdrops at her mom's energetic self before sighing through her nose and leaves the café with only her flip phone and wallet in hand.

"Hey y/n." Akkun suddenly waves at her with a bright smile decorating his features,"Yo, Akkun. How's it going? You're looking better since the Kiyomasa incident." y/n walks up to the boy as she peers at his healed cheek.

"I'm feeling better." Akkun grins with pink cheeks before looking down at her,"So, where you going?" he asks as he pockets his hands,"Nowhere in particular. I have plans tonight so I'm looking for a way to waste some time before then." y/n shrugs as they both starts walking together.

"What kind of plans?" Akkun asks with curiosity,"Um, Mikey wants me to meet his friends." y/n says sheepishly,"What!?" Akkun says, flabbergasted.

"I know, right? It just came out of the blue too! I'm super nervous and my mom isn't helping either. She's actually happy I'm making friends with delinquents. Not that there's anything wrong with that." she says,"I see... Okay then, how about we take your mind off it for awhile. There's an arcade nearby we can play in." Akkun suggests with a smile.

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