#9 Revolt

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Y/n had followed Hanma to where the gang war would take place, but she took a different route then him to get there quicker. When she has arrived there, Draken's head was bleeding and there was already many Moebius Members knocked to the ground with him towering over them, but more seemed to have arrived.

"What happened here?" she questioned dumbly. Suddenly there was rustling behind her and Mitsuya and Takemichi was behind her,"Y/n!" Takemichi says with worry as he grips both her shoulders, before noticing the bodies,"Ah, half of Moebius is here." he points out.

"Are you okay, y/n?" Mitsuya asks and y/n nods,"I'm fine, but Draken..." she points in the direction if said boy, who's still fighting more Moebius members,"Draken!" Takemichi calls out.

"Hey, Mitsuya. Takemichy." Draken greets as he took hold of a Moebius gangster's hair,"Draken! Are you alright?" Emma asks with great concern,"Stay back Emma." Takemichi tells her as y/n whips out her phone.

"So Peh, you traitor, what the hell are you doing teaming up with Moebius?" Mitsuya questions with a glare,"Shut your mouth, Mitsuya, or I'll have 'em kill you too!" Peh threatens,"Oh?" Mitsuya narrows his eyes at the threat.

"Where are you!?" y/n yells into her phone, surprising Takemichi and Emma whilst the others stayed focus,[Who's she calling at a time like this!?] they thought as y/n grits her teeth,"Well hurry up! Things are about to get messy." she warns the caller before hanging up.

"Peh, you backstabbing coward! You set up this whole sneak attack on Draken, but you needed all these guys to help you fight one person? And you call yourself a man." Emma glares at Peh before y/n covers her mouth,"Don't egg him on. We can't risk having you put yourself in danger." y/n whispers with a stern expression before focusing in Moebius again.

"Man, I'm so tired." Draken sways in his place,"Yeah, you don't look so good. You okay?" Takemichi asks with concern,"Yeah, I'll be alright. But I'm at my limit. Can you finish this for me, Mitsuya?" Draken requests as Mitsuya steps up,"My pleasure."

"Ugh, my head hurts." Draken groans as he sits down,"Well duh, you're bleeding from your head. Hold still." y/n says as she uses her kimono's sleeve to wipe a bit of the blood from his face.

"You little shits really think you got a chance against all of us?" a Moebius member challenges,"You're all about to find out." Mitsuya grins as y/n stood up straight and cracks her hands,"Kill all four of them." Peh says and Moebius cheers.

Suddenly, the sounds of a motorcycle enjin comes into hearing range,"Who's coming?" y/n asks with a raised brow,"I think companies coming." Draken says,"I know that exhaust sound." Mitsuya smiles with relief,"That's Mikey alright." Draken states with a grin as Mikey came screeching to a halt behind Moebius.

"Shit, Mikey?" Peh curses,"Just in time." Takemichi says with relief as Mikey got off his bike and approaches the crowd,"I get it now, you had me called away for one reason, so you could ambush Kenny. And then you were planning to pin the blame on me, in order to try and split Toman in half." he spoke up.

"I'm just doing this for Pah!" Peh yells,"You know this isn't how we do shit! Tell me, who tricked you into doing this Peh?" Mikey asks lowly as y/n receives message from Baji.

I've gathered everyone and we're on our way! Keep those jackasses distracted!

She sighs with relief,"Thank goodness." she whispers before noticing a familiar boy approaching Mikey from behind with more Moebius members,"Wow, I'm impressed. I guess you're not just brawn after all." Hanma says with a cig in hand and an umbrella being held over his head.

"Who the hell are you?" Mikey asks as Hanma took a drag of his cig before exhaling,"Tired." he says before leaving the safety of his umbrella to stand directly in front of Mikey,"But it really doesn't matter much who I am. All that matters is for now I'm in charge of Moebius. I'm Hanma." Hanma introduces himself.

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