#20 Dead or Alive

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Holy crap did things escalate. One moment Mikey was being bashed over the head by Kazutora, the next he knocked Kazutora out with a single kick. This just shows that no one should mess with the Invincible Mikey.

The whole fight stopped because if this, all of Valhalla's members muttering among themselves at this turn of events,"Damn, that was one hell of a kick." Yuma comments before noting Baji making a move and follows him.

"Mikey, is truly incredible." y/n says softly, before her eyes widen when Mikey collapses onto his knees,"Oh no, Mikey!" she gasps with worry, before groaning when she feels a throb in her head,"Ugh, my head..." she mutters, noting the blood dripping down her face and staining her hands.

"Looks like Mikey just hit the ground."

"Maybe he's tired. He's was bleeding real bad."

Some Valhalla members comments,"I think you did it Kazutora." Hanma smirks before noticing how y/n was kneeling on the ground,"Hmm~ Looks like Cupcake is at her limit~" he cooes with a sickly sweet smile.

"Hey, Mikey's not moving at all."

"Yeah, maybe we can finish him off now."

Those words causes y/n's eyes to widen with horror as she stares at them,"This is our best chance! Let's do it!" Choji yells as he whips out his baton,"Follow me! We're gonna take Mikey down!" he yells before he and his group charges at the car pile Mikey was on,"No..." y/n mutters with wavering eyes before quickly getting up, despite the pain and dizzy spell she was feeling.

She quickly ran through the, once again, fighting crowd trying to stay ahead of Choji and his group,"We're gonna finish all these Toman bastards!" Choji says with confidence as he climbs the car pile,"C'mon! Do it!" he urges his group.

"Hey! Guys! Somebody go and help Mikey!" Takemichi yells with panic,"I'm on it!" y/n yells as she knocks Choji's men off the car pile all the while following after the Valhalla captain.

Everyone wanted to stop Choji, but more Valhalla members ganged up in them,"Damn it! There's too many of you assholes!" Smiley grunts as he's ganged up on,"Damn it , there's no end to them!" Chifuyu mutters as he kicks an enemy away as y/n knocks three more enemies to the ground,"I'm coming Mikey!" she yells before being choked from behind. She was quick to flip the enemy off her being.

With Draken, he keeps trying to knock Hanma off his feet, but the guy won't go down,"What are you, a damn zombie!?" Draken yells before punching Hanma again.

"Guys! I need backup! I'm being pinned down!" y/n yells as she gets surrounded,"I'm coming Mikey! Y/n!" Takemichi yells as he runs after the crowd as y/n body throws an enemy off the mountain of cars before being hit in the back with a crowbar,"Gah!"

"Move! Move!" Takemichi yells with desperation as y/n quickly retaliates by hitting the enemy in the side of the head,"Keep her busy! I don't need her to get in the way!" Choji yells as he narrows his eyes at y/n,"Choji, you bastard!" y/n curses with a glare.

With Takemichi, he got punched in the face,"Die Toman punk!" a Valhalla member yells,"Takemichy!" Chifuyu yells with worry as two Valhalla members held his arms from behind, to which he headbutts one guy and punches the other once he got free.

Though the punch was hard, Takemichi doesn't falter and continues to run before being elbowed in the face, falling to the ground,"Takemichi!" y/n yells with worry seeing her friend getting kicked in the face. Unfortunately, this little distraction costs her to be thrown onto another car, hitting the roof harshly.

Takemichi did get up again, but a Valhalla member grabs him from behind,"I have to save Mikey!!" he yells with worry and desperation,"No, Mikey!" y/n screams with worry as she's pinned down to the roof. She could only watch how the Valhalla group nears Mikey.

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