#6 Regret

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The trio has exited the hospital building, the atmosphere is light around them,"That was tense in there." y/n sighs through her nose as the sound of an enjin catches attention,"Oh, hey Mitsuya!" y/n waves at the boy.

"Hey Sweets." Mitsuya grins at her as Mikey climbs onto his bike,"Get Pah there tomorrow." Draken suddenly says,"No sweat, and I'll get Peh too. The warehouse near second MS work?" Mitsuya asks,"Alright." Draken says and Mitsuya hums in confirmation before driving off,"See ya!" Mikey greets the two.

"So where to now?" Y/n asks before noticing Draken looking back at something,"Hm? Draken, is something wrong?" she asks,"No, it's nothing. Let's go. I'll walk you home." he says as he walks away,"Okay." y/n says as she follows after him.

"Hey Draken, should I join you guys tomorrow?" y/n suddenly asks,"If you want to, fine. Nobody is forcing you to." Draken says as they reach her home,"See ya." he greets as he leaves,"Yeah, see ya." y/n sighs before entering the café,"Well that was awkward."

She sees how her mother is interviewing two people, a young girl and a boy,"Hey y/n." Naoto suddenly greets her from a table. He's seen with a soda float along with a book lying open in front of him.

"Hi Naoto." y/n greets back as she sits across from him,"You okay? You look exhausted." Naoto points out and y/n nods,"I am tired. Mentally tired. I just had the weirdest and most emotional morning of my life." she says and Naoto slides his drink over,"You want a sip? Maybe the sugar will help a bit." he suggests.

"Thanks, but I'm good. I'll just get my own later. Whatcha reading there?" y/n asks as she peers at his book and Naoto blushes a bit,"It's an occult book. I'm into stuff like that at the moment." he says bashfully,"I see. Nothing to be ashamed of, we all have our likes and dislikes." y/n smiles at him reassuringly and Naoto smiles at her.

"Well, what do you like?" he asks,"Me? I like games and sweets." y/n grins at him,"Then let me order you some! They have amazing sweets here." Naoto offers,"No need, my mom owns this place." y/n tells him,"Really? Lucky." he pouts a bit. That's how the rest of their time went, finding out a bit of each other before Naoto had to leave.

"Hmm, what to do? What to do?" y/n hums as she studies the customers leaving and entering the café, helping out her mom now and then. Suddenly familiar faces enters the building,"Is this the place?" Muto questions as Sanzu follows behind him,"That's what my Google Map says." Baji waves his phone around.

{Fun fact! Google map was launched in 2005, 8th February! So this works.}

Chifuyu scans his surrounding before spotting a familiar short girl,"Hey, look who it is! Hey y/n!" he waves at the girl,[Oh boy, why me?] y/n smiles awkwardly as she waves back at the approaching boys,"Whatcha doing here guys?" she asks.

"I told the others about your place and they wanted to check it out too." Chifuyu informs her casually as they took a seat at a nearby booth,"And we were craving for something sweet." Baji adds with a toothy grin as the twins nod in agreement.

Y/n looks towards Muto and Sanzu,"We came along because these guys won't stop yapping about how good the food is here." Muto chuckles,"It was getting annoying to be honest." Sanzu mutters,"Oh, I see. Then let me get some menus for you guys." y/n says before grabbing the right amount of menus and hands them each their own one.

"There are more to this place than sweets. My mom also serves sandwiches and other savory dishes." she tells them before walking over to the counter where her mom is stationed,"Hey mom, do you have an extra notepad and pen? My friends over there wants to order something." she explains as she points a thumb over her shoulder.

"Of course. Here ya go!" Coraline smiles brightly as she hands her daughter the requested items,"Thank chu~" y/n cooes before walking back over to her friends.

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