#23 End of war

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After y/n left Baji and Yuma's room, she was met with Mikey conversing with Hyugo in the hallway,"Thank you again for your help." Mikey nods with a smile,"You shouldn't thank me, but you should thank y/n and Yuma. If it weren't for them, your friend wouldn't be alive today." Hyugo waves him off with a smile before spotting said girl staring at them.

"Speak of the devil." he says and Mikey turns to y/n with a mild surprised expression before approaching her with a gentle smile,"Sweets, didn't think you would be here today. I thought you went to see Kazutora today." he says and y/n smiles back at him,"I was on my way there to make arrangements for his release and treatment, until I spotted you. Here to see Baji obviously?" she teases slightly and Mikey chuckles,"You know it. Oh also, there's a Toman meeting two days from now. I want you to come." he says.

"Of course. See you then Mikey." y/n waves before approaching Hyugo as Mikey enters Baji and Yuma's room all the while closing the door behind him,"So, shall we go?" she says,"We better hurry up then. Otherwise, visiting hours will be over." Hyugo advises and they both quickly exit the hospital and head towards the prison Kazutora is being held in.

"Are the papers in order already?" y/n asks as she stares up at the sky,"Yes. Your father finished signing all of them last night. Your friend will be released from prison and get the best treatment there is." Hyugo reassures her as they cross the road to get to the prison.

"Man it's cold out here." Draken shivers a bit as he rubs his arms for a bit of warmth,"Yep, winter's here." Takemichi says as they both walk towards y/n and Hyugo,"Oh, hey y/n. Where you off to?" Draken asks as they all stop next to each other,"We're off to sort Kazutora out. Get him the help he needs." y/n explains briefly and Draken nods.

"Wow, that's really nice y/n." Takemichi smiles brightly," Hey, it's the least I can do for Mikey and for Baji. Kazutora deserves better." y/n shrugs her shoulder with a smile,"How is Baji and Yuma, anyway?" Draken asks,"They're doing great! Baji woke up last night and they both were speeding down the hospital hallways in wheelchairs." y/n giggles at the fresh memory as Draken chuckles as well,"Typical Baji! But hey, It's great to hear he's up and running again." he says before remembering something.

"Oh yeah, and I've got a message from Mikey for you too Takemichy." he says turning to Takemichi,"Huh? What did Mikey have to say?" Takemichi asks,"Well, he wanted me to tell you to be sure to show up at our next meeting. He's got something important to tell you. Both of you." Draken explains as he glances at y/n,"Hm?" y/n tilts her head with confusion.

"Miss y/n, why don't you go with them? I think your friends want to hang out with you." Hyugo smiles gently,"But, I need to be there to see Kazutora." y/n says with furrowed brows and Hyugo beams down at her,"No worries, you'll see him at some point. Just go with them while I get this all sorted out. You're still a kid after all. You shouldn't always busy yourself with all these grown-up stuff." he says as he nudges her a little in the two Toman boys' direction before leaving to enter the prison building.

"Well, guess I'm going with you guys now." y/n says with an awkward smile and Draken smiles,"That's good I wanna talk to you both anyway. Let's go." he says before walking down he sidewalk again, both y/n and Takemichi following closely behind him.

It wasn't long before they boarded a train and both Draken and Takemichi stood on either side of the train door across from each other while y/n struggles to grab onto the hanging handles of the train,[Whyyyyy???] she thought with a teary eye expression.

Draken saw this and huffs an amused smirk before grabbing one of the handles,"Hold on to me." he says simply and y/n looks from him to his arm then back again before slowly and shakingly holding on to his bicep with pink cheeks,[How embarrassing...] she thought as Takemichi watches all of this and silently laughs behind his hand.

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