#12 Revenge

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Meanwhile, in the future...

"Hun, Hinata is here to see you." Coraline cooes, her blonde hair with gray streaks framing her perfectly aging complexion as she beams at her daughter,"Hm? Oh, I didn't even notice her come in. Thanks mom." y/n says as she wipes her hands dry before walking out from behind the counter.

"Hey Hina, how's it going?" she smiles as she looks up at her best friend, her height still being 150cm,"It's going well

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"Hey Hina, how's it going?" she smiles as she looks up at her best friend, her height still being 150cm,"It's going well. I see the bakery is as big of a success and as busy as always. So busy." Hina mutters the last part as she scans the full building.

"You're telling me. I'm so exhausted from this and that and running around everywhere. I just want a bit of a break." y/n sighs with a laugh,"Then how about we go shopping for a bit. You've got staff running this place, since they're also, you know." Hina gestures to one of the staff who bares a very familiar tattoo that is sticking a bit out of their uniform collar.

"Yeah, okay. Just let me tell my mom." y/n says before walking back into the kitchen and hangs up her apron,"Mom, Hina and I are going out shopping. I'll be back in a bit." she calls out,"Alright, have fun! I'll hold down he fort." Coraline smiles.

It didn't take long for both friends to reach the mall and explore the place,"So how's it going with Naoto?" y/n asks as she looks at a floral dress,"He's been good. His job has been exhausting him a bit, but he's still going strong." Hina smiles as she picks out a shirt, but puts it back with a sigh.

"He's been missing you, ya know? You guys barely hang out anymore." she points out as she rummage through some dresses,"Yeah, I know. Ever since me and Yuma became the leaders of our clan, I've been so busy with running my bakery and taking care of Yakuza business." y/n says sheepishly as she picks out some shorts and a skirt.

"You should take a vacation. It'll be good for your health. I'm worried you're overworking yourself." Hina says as they pick their choices of clothing, pays and leave the store,"I know you are." y/n smiles as they walk towards the car.

"By the way, how's your cousin doing? Him and his family." Hina asks as she drives them to a different location,"Oh, he's doing really well actually. He and his family are going on a trip to the beach today actually. He wants to teach his daughter how to swim." y/n explains and Hina laughs.

"I remember when we took you to the beach for the first time." she giggles out and y/n laughs at the memory as they park outside a café and gets out,"Oh boy, don't get me started! That was a really fun and chaotic day!" she says as they talk about the memory after ordering their drinks,"And remember when Mikey-" suddenly, y/n's cellphone starts to ring.

"Oh, it's my dad." she says as she checks the caller ID,"Is it about work again? Seriously, what is it about this time?" Hina sighs as she takes a sip of her cappuccino,"I don't know. Normally he tells me about work at the office or when he and my mom comes visit me." y/n shrugs before answering,"Hey dad, how's it going?"

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