#10 Rerise

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This... Wasn't good! Not one bit! Draken was lying there in a pool of his own blood and y/n also got stabbed by Kiyomasa in her right side,"Draken! Draken, no!" Takemichi cried out with tears in his eyes.

"Holy shit..." Yuma mutters with wide eyes,"Mikey!" y/n calls out to the boy who's fending multiple Moebius members off,"What's wrong, Takemichy?! Sweets!?" he yells,"It's Draken, Mikey! Draken, he's been stabbed in the stomach! I think he's dead!" Takemichy yells and Mikey's eyes widen with horror.

He was about to walk over there, but Moebius members keeps attacking him,"Let me through jackass!" he yells before Hanma grabs hold of the back of his shirt before throwing him some ways away from y/n and the others.

"Mikey!" y/n calls out with worry,"Hanma." Mikey growls,"I finally found ya, Mikey." Hanma chuckles sadistically,"Oh shit, y/n! You're bleeding!" Takemichi panics with more tears,"Kiyomasa stabbed me, I'll be fine for now." y/n says as blood drips down her chin,"You don't look fine!" Takemichi and Yuma cries out.

"Hey! Takemichy!" Mikey suddenly calls out before Draken spat out some blood,"He's alive! He's still alive!" y/n cheers as Yuma fistbumps the air,"He's alive!" Takemichi yells as well as Mikey punches Hanma away from himself,"Take care of him!" he yells before fighting Hanma again.

"Yuma, put me down!" y/n demands,"Are you crazy! You'll only irritate your injury!" Yuma yells with worry, but the stern glare from his cousin says otherwise,"Geez, you're stubborn." he groans before setting her beside Draken.

"Takemichi, Yuma. Gently roll Draken over. I'm gonna wrap up his wound somewhat." y/n orders and the two does so as she rips up her kimono before wrapping Draken's wound close with it,"That should do it! We've gotta get him to a hospital real quick." she says,"I'll carry him." Takemichi declares before hauling Draken onto his back.

"That kid, he's good in my book." Yuma smirks as he carries his cousin again and follows after them,"That's Takemichi for you. Always putting others before himself." y/n smiles weakly before groaning with discomfort,"Oh shit, you're bleeding through." Yuma says with worry before noticing how Takemichi is struggling.

"Dude, Takemichi! Let me carry Draken! You take my cousin, she'll be easier for you to carry. We'll get to the hospital faster that way." he says but,"No! I'll carry him! I'll save Draken!" Takemichi says determinedly.

Draken spat out more blood,"Draken, no!" Takemichi says with worry,"I'm gonna save you, I swear it. I'm gonna get you to the hospital." he adds,"I swear... I swear you're gonna be okay. Done give up on me!" he continues.

"You heroic fool." Yuma mutters,"Takemichi!" Hina and Emma runs up to the, their eyes full of worry,"Hina." Takemichi utters,"Emma." y/n rasps out as Yuma observes the two girls.

"We called in and asked for an ambulance!" Hina yells,"How's Draken!?" Emma asks,"Don't worry, he's still alive." Takemichi reassures her and Emma tears up,"Ah, y/n! You got stabbed too!?" Hina squeals with fear.

"She'll be fine. Don't worry." Yuma smiles at them softly and their eyes lands on both of their tattoos,"No way..." both girls whisper with surprise and slight fear,"Hm? Oh, relax we're the good guys." Yuma grins once he noticed them looking at their tattoos.

Soon, Takemichi laid Draken's head on Emma's lap while y/n sat next to his body to change the makeshift bandages,"Oh Draken." Emma whimpers,"This is the best I can do Emma. I'm not good with medical knowledge nor skills at all, I'm sorry." y/n says with sorrow, holding her own wound. Having trade in her bandages for wrapping Draken up in them with the clean side.

"It's enough y/n, thank you. Thank you." Emma sobs as she puts a hand on the girl's cheek, eyeing her bleeding wound to which she sobs more,[Y/n... Please don't die. I don't want to lose a friend too.] she thought.

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