#18 Open Fire

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"I see. So Kisaki is actually part of Valhalla, but you guys have no way to prove it to Mikey." Yuma hums as he and his cousin sit in her room,"Yeah, and truth be told. I don't wanna stop being friends with him. I know there's something more to him that meets the eye." y/n groans as she places her palms over her eyes, back lying flat against her bed.

"Heh, you're a kind soul y/n. Even if you have, you know, that issue." Yuma grins and y/n smiles at him,"Hey, that issue might come in handy." she pokes at his arm,"So, are you gonna help me keep an eye out for Kisaki?" she adds as she sits up.

"Of course. From what I can tell, he's really important to you." Yuma ruffles her hair,"He's my best friend. Of course he's important." y/n smiles before getting up,"Let's go, I wanna go do something today." she states and Yuma follows after her down the stairs and out the shop.

"Where do you wanna go? The sun is setting already." he asks as he looks at the orange, yellow and pinkish sky,"No clue really. Guess I just wanna take a simple walk." y/n shrugs with a childlike grin,"So I heard from a little birdy that you're having our med team on standby at the fight on October 31st. What's that all about?" Yuma quirks a brow as they cross a bridge, unaware of two certain brothers following them from a distance.

"For in case. Isn't your 6th senses tingling a bit?" y/n looks up at him and Yuma thought with a hum as he closes his eyes. His mind focuses on the upcoming fight and he does feel a slight tingle,"Yeah, it is. Guess you have something to be worried about. I'm getting a bad feeling about this upcoming fight." he admits as he opens his eyes.

"That's what I'm worried about." y/n sighs, but Yuma grins down at her,"Hey, you made a good call. You prepare ahead of time before asking me about my 6th senses. Heh, you're just like your old man." he compliments and y/n huffs a smile,"And you have a silver tongue like your old man." she retorts before hearing a familiar voice.

"Hey Tiny~!" Ran calls out to her as he and Rindo walks up to her and Yuma,"How's it going?" he asks as Rindo eyes Yuma,"Who the hell is this? Are you on a date or something?" he spat with a glare, to which Yuma frowns at as he narrows his eyes as Rindo.

"No, I'm not." y/n states firmly,"What're you guys doing here?" she asks with a hand on her hip,"Awe~ We just wanted to come visit our favorite person in the whole world~" Ran cooes as he grins at Yuma slyly by placing his arm around y/n's shoulder as he slides in between them.

"Oh, um, well I'm kinda busy at the moment." y/n says with wide eyes as she cranes her neck up to look at him,"Yeah, but we had nothing better to do today, so we came to you for a bit of fun." Rindo grins as he purposely pushes Yuma away from y/n.

"That doesn't sound right Rindo. And, I can't today. I really am busy today. Maybe we can do something another time, but not this week or on October 31st." y/n slides out from Ran's arm,"Oh yeah, I forgot that Valhalla and Toman are going to fight on that day." Ran mumbles,"Damn, then you really are going to be busy. That fight is in a couple of days." Rindo pushes his glasses up,[Damn, word gets around fast.] y/n thought with a sweatdrop.

"Yeah, so I'm mentally preparing myself for it." she says about to walk away,"You don't have to fight in this. This is going to be a bloodbath y/n." Ran says with worry,[This is the first time he used my name.] y/n thought as she turns to them,"I have to. I'm a member of Toman, remember? I'll be fine, I promise." she smiles at them before walking off,"Let's go." she tells Yuma.

Yuma nods with a smile before averting his eyes to the Haitani brothers, smirking at them as the wind ruffles his hair and open jacket. As he turns to leave, both brothers catches a glimpse of his tattoo and gasps with pure shock and fear,"No way... Rindo, tell me you also saw that." Ran mutters with wavering eyes as he watches the duo walk away.

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