#14 Break up

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The Toman leaders were on their way to Musashi Shrine for the ceremony they had planned to welcome the new third division captain. Takemichi was riding with Mikey while y/n rode with Smiley.

The ride was quiet though, and luckily the ride over was quick,"Upsy daisy~" Smiley chuckles as he helps y/n off his bike,"Thanks." y/n smiles before following after them up the stairs, Takemichi having slacked behind a bit.

"Hey, you okay? Ya look a little pale today." y/n asks him with concern,"I'm fine, don't worry." Takemichi smiles softly at her as they reach the top,"Good evening sir!" Toman bows to Mikey as they walk down the rows of humans.

Mikey was quick to take his spot at the top near the shrine as y/n and Takemichi took their place at the front of the crowd,"We're here to officially name the new captain of the Third Division!" Draken announces.

Some of the Toman members starts to mutter, wondering who is the new third division captain,"Where is he?" y/n whispers as she searches the crowd for her friend,"Who are you looking for?" Takemichi asks her,"A friend of mine." y/n shrugs as she focuses back on Mikey and Draken,[A friend? Who did she make friends with this time?] Takemichi thought with a sweatdrop.

"Third Division Captain! Step forward!" Mikey calls out and nobody steps up yet,"Come on." a familiar voice commands,"Yes sir!" another voice shouts before two pairs of footsteps catches everyones' attention.

"Move aside!" the previous voice says as he shoves a Toman member aside roughly.

"So that's the new third division captain?"

"Which? The big one or the small one?"

Toman members mutter,"They're getting riled up." y/n mutters with a raised brow, but her eyes widen in surprise when Kisaki came into view with a big guy behind him,[Tetta?] she thought.

As Kisaki passes her and Takemichi, his eyes widen with pure shock as his eyes lands on Takemichi and then it turns into a glare,[What was that about?] y/n thought, unaware of Takemichi's shaken up form, too focused on Kisaki going up the steps, facing the crowd before taking a seat on the stair, his back completely facing Mikey.

The other Toman member didn't take too kindly to his careless actions. Kisaki merely glances at them, making eye contact with y/n, who smiles with a small wave to which he huffs in amusement at.

"What's his deal?"

"Is he crazy?"

"He's sitting with his back to the commander!"

"Who do you think you are!?"

"You serious!? What the hells yo problem!?"

Toman members spat toxic words after another, and y/n didn't take too kindly to them,"Alright, listen up you grunts! Toman's new captain of the third division is sitting here right behind me! Tetta Kisaki!" the goon with Kisaki announces.

Takemichi's eyes widen with horror and fear as his blood runs cold at who's sitting before his very eyes, his mind flashing to memories of when Kisaki was mentioned to him.

[That's Kisaki? I never expected him to just show up right in front of me! What should I do!? What should I do!?] Takemichi thought as his breathing becomes heavier,"Takemichi?" y/n raises a worried brow at her friend's sudden change of behavior.

"I've seen this guy before!"

"He's from Moebius, isn't he?"

"Wait! He's from Moebius!?"

"What's someone from Moebius doing here!?"

"Get the hell out Moebius!"

"Yeah, just piss off!"

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