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Right after Athena was born, we headed our way, I don't want Aphrodite to find me, I like her but I don't trust her to be loyal, I will only have a lover if they are loyal to me only, though this isn't fair if I have multiple wives, that's why I try to keep the number of my wives low

We thankfully got to our carriage without being found by Aphrodite, we returned home and everything went as it did except with a new addition to the olympians

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare, she is skilled in tactics and respected a mortal that has the same skill in tactics as her, at least close to hers, it was Odysseus

Athena is also the patron goddess of Athens, one of the most famous places in modern Greece, ancient Greece and greek mythology

She could never feel love and in one myth, it is said that Hephaestus tried to rape her and failed, she is one of the three virgin goddesses along with Hestia and Artemis, speaking of ghe virgin goddesses, none have appeared, Hestia should be the first but considering that I took her as my wife, Athena should be the next

What a shame really, she is a good woman and also has good looks, too bad she can't feel love, I would court her if I didn't know that she could never love

Right now, me and Athena were currently chatting in Athens at one of her temples, she was sitting beside me drinking some tea that I invented

"Say Athena, why do you not want to fall in love?" I asked her, I already know why but it wouldn't hurt to ask, maybe she changed, afterall, Hephaestus is a woman in this world so there is a chance that she can love

"I haven't experienced falling in love, there are many men who try to court me, some are manly, some are handsome and some are both but they only court me because of how I look, they don't even want to know what my personality is" she said, I felt a little guilty as I also thought of courting her due to her looks, but if not for her personality, I wouldn't court her

I'm pretty selfish, I look at both the personality and looks of women, that doesn't mean I don't give someone with less beauty a chance, I treat all woman kindly and I try to not favor anyone and treat them all equally, especially with my wives, they know that Hathor is made with both a good personality and unrivaled beauty, but I don't try to court her since they might think I like her because of her looks, Hathor would also say yes due to me being her master whether she loves me that way or not, she would say yes so I don't court her

I originally planned to have just Selene as my wife but Eos wanted to be my wife to, I was about to refuse but Selene said that it would be okay, she probably thought her sister's happiness and mine, they are really good wives so I try and give them my best

Anyways, when Athena answered my question, she then continued by saying "And I'm afraid that I would fall too much in love with a man and he would leave me for someone better, I'm afraid of getting my heart broken" she said

"Athena, love is all about risk, you won't be sure who you would end up with but you should try, love is unexpected and it sometimes come and goes or it stays forever" I said to her

"You seem experienced, uncle" she said

"Hmhm, I've fallen in love many times, luckily, it all worked out" I said

"How so?" she asked

"I've met Selene first and married her, but Eos fell in love with me, I loved her too but it wasn't right, I rejected her but surprisingly, my first wife insisted" I said

"Hm, well, I still don't feel any romantic love in me, I might be a virgin goddess in the future" she said and looked at the view outside

I really pity her, love is such a wonderful thing, especially romantic love, for someone to not experience it is just sad

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