Pandora: Hope

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I could teleport to Olympus but the gods there might think I'm not Hades, so I used my carriage and brought my wives and Hathor

Hathor seemed surprised at my looks when she first saw me

We arrived and ghe first we met was Ares

"Who are you?" Asked Ares

"You're uncle, Hades" I said

"Yeah right, he isn't a pretty boy" he said, I gave my aura to both reassure him and warn him to never mention that again

He was petrified and was shaking all over, I hid my aura once again and made my way to where Zeus currently was

"Zeus, my snake is out of control and I had to kill it" I said to him

"And?" He asked, I was irritated and angry at what he said

"And I have found traces of your divinity in and on the body of him" I said to him

"I have done no such thing" he said to me

"Then why is some of your divinity in my snake?" I asked him

"I do not know, however, I may know the reason" he mentioned to me while he was still sitting on his throne

"What is it?" I asked

"It was probably due to me putting all the world's vices into a box" he said which surprised me

If what he said is true then Hephaestus created the box and Zeus already created Pandora

"Hoh?, why did you put all of the world's vices in a box?" I asked him

"It is because Prometheus has given fire to man, I will punish him by giving man all the world's vices" he answered

"Why don't you just do that and open the box?" I asked him

"If I open it then all the gods will be affected, I need a human to open it so they will be affected" he said to me

"Do you already have a plan?" I asked him

"Yes, I will create the first female human and give it to Epimetheus, I will then give her the box and deliberately tell her not to open it, she will then be consumed by curiosity and open the box, thus unleashing all the world's vices on man" he said, I should really give it to him, this is the first good plan he came up with

We chatted for a while when Aphrodite came in with Hera and Demeter, they seemed surprised at how I look but composed themselves and pointed their weapons to me but Zeus reassured them that it was me

Immediately, Aphrodite tried to seduce me but Hathor stopped her, she tried again and again but Hathor blocks her everytime

We then headed out and went back but I went out again, this time I will be going to the mortal realm and once I arrived, I could see 2 slightly bigger men who I recognized as Prometheus and Epimetheus

Epimetheus was currently enjoying himself with his wife Pandora, she was dancing with her husband happily, I pity her, she is made just to be the tool of the gods

I hid myself and manipulated my appearance to that of a human male, I then chatted with the two brothers and Pandora, it seems she is falling in love with me, I know this due to using my newly attained divinity of love

Epimetheus grew enraged by this and told me to not meet his wife again, Prometheus was growing suspicious so I didn't come back

After a few weeks of them enjoying themselves in thw mortal realm, Pandora grew more and more curious about the contents of the box each day and finally opened it, all of the vices were unleashed like a hungry hyena upon the mortals and I couldn't do anything about it

As the vices were unleashed, another came out of the box, it was a blue flame that scattered everywhere, it is the Hope that I put in the box secretly behind Zeus' box, he will be very mad if he finds out that I did that, but what can he do, I am so much stronger than him, especially when I have the same amount and purity of divine energy as a primordial, albeit it being the weakest of the five

After that, Zeus and the others took Prometheus and Epimetheus and forcefully dragged them to Olympus to receive their punishments, Pandora was left there alone

I began creating more women so that the mortals would reproduce and not be created, after that, I took Pandora as my own, this was agreed upon by my wives since I have to take responsibility if someone falls in love with me, I'm a pushover when it comes to women confessing their love to me

Pandora only saw my human form, I gave her a new body and made her immortal so that she can see me in any form I am in

After I took Pandora and brought her to the underworld, I went to Olympus to discuss on what to do with Prometheus and Epimetheus and what shall be their punishments

I sat on my throne there after I arrived and some minions of Zeus brouht only Prometheus who was chained and forced to prostate

The 12 olympian gods are already complete, it was actually the 13 olympian gods, the most important are Me, Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia and Demeter, we are on the front of the 13 thrones and on the back of us were Ares, Athena, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes and Dionysius

Apollo was taught by Helios and Artemis was taught by my wife Selene, Hermes was a loose cannon, he is probably the equivalent of Loki, the god of mischief, Dionysius is a drunkard who always focuses on improving his alcohol

Anyways, we were all currently looking at Prometheus thinking of what to do to him

After a while, Zeus spoke and said "Prometheus, you shall be dragged to the far east where you will be bound to a mountain higher than any of other mountains, there, you shall be tied to a pillar and my eagle shall feast on your organs each day from morning until night" he said then summoned the book Styx gave him to give punishments, I personally have a connection with Styx too

He was dragged by 4 harpies as he screamed foe mercy, I wish I could help you, "The meeting is now adjourned" Zeus said

I stood up and walked out of the room with Hephaestus by my side, I was about to summon a carriage when Athena stopped me

"What is it Athena?" I asked her, she seemed embarrassed of what she was about to say to me

I didn't use any of my divinity to spy on her love, it is just invasion of privacy

"U-uncle Hades- no, Hades! May I be one of your lovers?!" She asked me which made all of the gods surprised and speechless, even I was speechless

This is Pandora

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