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I didn't know who she is in this world so I have to pretend that I don't know her, I need to watch out if she is my enemy, she has powers that could rival us olympians

"Who are you and who sent you here?" I asked in an intimidating tone mixed with a bit of divine energy so as to make it known that she can't resist or she will die

"I-I am Kara Zor-El, I just followed you because I heard from people that you were looking for how to summon the earth goddess" she answered with a scared expression and a quivering tone

"And what if I am?" I asked

"I-I know how to" she answered, I'm a little shocked by this, did Chaos manipulate these events, I just don't know

"Hoh?" I said as I looked at her in a questioning tone

"Then tell me, how can I summon the goddess of the earth?" I asked her

"Not here, this is a very important secret that must not be leaked to anyone" she said with a serious tone

"And what do I care if it gets leaked?" I asked with a hint of arrogance, I already plan to move to another location to discuss about this but I just want to test her conviction if it was like in the movies

"Even if I die, I won't tell anyone, only if you are the only one that can hear what I say then I shall say it" she said

"What makes you so sure that I won't ask another, if you know this information then there might be someone who also knows this, afterall, this place gossips about a spell that can summon the earth goddess, so there might be someone else or more that know of how to summon her" I said, she hesitated but she remained tough, I smirked at how tough her conviction is

I gave a sigh signalling that I will agree to her terms and said "Alright, let's find an inn or somewhere else that's private"

"I know where we can discuss about this in secret" she said as she stood up and signalled me to follow her, I let Cerberus stay in my shadow

We arrived at the library full of people, I was about to complain when she brought out one of the books and pricked her finger, letting the blood from her finger fall on one of the pages of the book

The book glowed and formed an illusion spell around us, and the bookshelf then started moving sidewards revealing a passageway with torches as the only thing lighting the hall

She began walking in and I followed, I recognized these types of contraptions, this was made from Babylon, my city, well the previous Babylon before the flood, I thought only Babylon knows how to make these but I guess some spies got hold of how to make these

I was a fool to not sense this library, but if I did then the magicians and warriors thar live here might get alerted, and one thing leads to another and I don't want to deal with that, it's too troublesome

The reason I couldn't sense that book was probably due to it being concealed with illusion magic by one of the minor gods, I thought it was just a spell book but I guess my assumptions were wrong, I guess mortals advance very quick, much faster than us

We gods are like that, we don't utilize our eternal life, mortals utilize their life and try to make big things possible because they want to be remembered after death, but we gods are just carefree and don't do anything but satisfy our own desires, well, I don't... sometimes

We arrived at a rather normal room with a sofa, a table, a bed, two chairs, a furnace, a chest, and every essential in a house

She sat on one of the chairs and I sat on the chair across her

"So tell me, how do I summon the earth goddess" I asked

"You can only awaken the earth goddess, you cannot summon it" she corrected me

My grandmother isn't really asleep, she just works all day and manages the earth, preventing it from collapsing, falling apart while also providing it land, water, air, etc.

"So how do I awaken her?" I asked

I hope it's not those idiotic sacrifices

"To awaken her, you need to sacrifice something" she said

Ugh, I just jinxed myself, me and my big... brain?

"You need the blood of an olympian, the six main olympians, and a mortal who has done the most evil acts and did the most good deeds after" she said

The blood is easy, but killing a mortal that has repented for his or her sins is hard, they are easy to find but I just can't bring myself to kill someone who is kind, no matter if their past was sinful or not

"Is there another way?" I asked

"Well, there is another way, you would have to sacrifice something to her that would pique her interest at the temple where she is worshipped" she said

The temple where she is worshipped is right in the middle of the world, it is in ruins due to the flood happening, I only found it when I wandered the earth during these years

I thanked her and then asked "Why are you so willing to help me?"

"Well, it is childish but someone in my dreams told me to help you" she said

I chuckled then asked "And who is this that told you to help me?"

"She said to refer to her as the Overseer" she said and I was shcoked by this, the Overseer?! How is she here?

Wait, if the Overseer was here then she would probably be sense by the gods and Chaos, I didn't sense her so she might have talked to her telepathically

I then composed myself so as to not look suspicious, I can't let her know that I know of the Overseer

Then, after that, I began making my way outside but she then stopped me and requested of me "Umm, may I ask you for a duel?"

"Why? You already know that I am stronger than you when we were at the alley" I asked

"Hehe, well, I just want to test my strength and let you estimate how strong I am" she said while she scratched the back of her head

"Why do you even want to estimate your strength?" I asked

"So far, I haven't met anyone that I can't defeat, and you are the first to ever defeat me, moreover, you defeated me easily with just your hand without any magic" she said

"So you know, I guess I have some time, as you wish then, where shall we fight?" I asked her

She then clapped her hands two times and everything began reconstructing and distorting in the secret room we were in, I was amazed that she had this, this type of room is made by the highest level of magic for humans and built with the best material, and this type of this is only accessible to the royal family of ancient Babylon for mortals

After the reconstruction was done changing the room, we were now standing on a big circular platform with Kara across where I stood

After the reconstruction was done changing the room, we were now standing on a big circular platform with Kara across where I stood

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"Are you ready?" She asked me

"I should be asking you that" I said to her

She then charged at me, she must be using her flight power

I just stood there, waiting for the punch to hit my body, it was directed at my face it seems

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