Godly Drama

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After Athena said that, I couldn't help but have a shocked look, wasn't she supposed to never fall in love with someone

Anyways, I composed myself and started asking her questions

"Athena, why do you want to be one of my lovers?" I asked her

"You are the only man who can love me wholeheartedly, you not only look at my appearance but you also enjoy being with me" she said

She noticed the times when I look at her lovingly, I thought it  was completely unnoticeable

"But Athena, I have many lovers, I can't love you wholeheartedly, I can love you like I do with my wives but nothing more" I said to her, if she were to be one of my wives then she may think that I will favor her from the rest, I won't

"I know, I swore that I would love someone with him only loving me, but I have fallen deeply in love with you" she said as she grabbed my face and had tears forming around her eyes

This is really troublesome, she isn't troublesome, it's just that many gods tried to court her but never succeeded, everyone thought she could never love, until now, this would make many gods jealous, I already have Eos and Selene and a few others who are unbelievably beautiful, they might start an uproar in heaven

But I am man, I take responsibility for every woman who confesses her love for me, as long as she truly loves me

I used Eros' power of love and looked at how sincere she was when she said she loves me, a second later I confirmed it to be true that her love for me was truly genuine

"*Sigh* Alright, you can be one of my lovers" I said in defeat although I'm mentally celebrating, it's Athena, one of the most beautiful goddesses in Olympus, no, in the whole world

She jumped at how happy she was that I agreed for her to be my lover and kissed me passionately after her little celebrating

But just then, I was pushed away from Athena and before I could react, I was met by a sudden jolt of pain like that of a thunderbolt hit my right cheek and my face was now completely turned towards my left side

I grabbed my cheek and yelled at Zeus thinking that he punched me with a little bit of his lightning mixed with it

"Zeus! Why did you hit me?!" I asked in an enraged tone but when I opened my eyes, I could see Zeus started far from us, I then looked in front of me to see who was the one who dared to hit the ruler of the underworld, me

When I looked, I saw Aphrodite and screamed at her "Why di-!!" I shouted but I stopped when I saw tears stream down her cheeks

"What is it?" I asked in a gentle manner

"Why? Why? Why?! Why?! Why?! Why?! Why?!! Why?!! Why?!! Why?!! Why?!! Why?!! Why?!! Why?!! Why?!! WHY?!!!" She kept repeating

"Why do you always give others a chance but not me?!!" She yelled as she grabbed my new toga outfit

"I always say I love you to you everyday, yet you chose Pandora who was just created but Zeus!! You chose Athena who has a stone cold heart!! Why won't you just give me a chance?!" She asked

She then lowered her head and cried on my chest, I patted her head to make her calm down a bit

"I just thought you liked me because of how I look, I just thought you wanted to hook up with me" I said to her

"Of course not, I love you because you always make me laugh and smile, I love you because you take care of me and everyone else and worry about others rather than yourself, that is the true beauty that I love so much" she said to me

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