The Heavens

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The statue that was made on the mountain moved, I felt an unbelievable amount of raw power, divine and cosmic energy suddenly flushing into it

The statue that moved and stood up, the mountain she was at was now collapsing, my grandmother was now in full view, I am getting scared and anxious now, this is the first time I feel that I have no chance in winning, I gripped my sword just in case she attacks and due to me fearing the worst

"Who has summoned me into this feeble catalyst" the mountain said with a deep and deafening voice

I then grew myself into the same size as her, the size of a titan

"It was me" I said to her, I am still shivering at the thought of fighting her

She looked at me and inspected me, "It seems you have my blood coursing through you, boy" she said to me

"I am the firstborn child of Chronos, your son, my lady" I said with a bow, returning the sword I pulled onto my waist, thinking that she might think of it as a threat

"So you are that bastard child of mine's child" she said and then began releasing aura

"Have you also imprisoned my children" she asked with a cold and dominating voice imbued with cosmic energy

"No my lady, in fact, I employed them to help me in managing the underworld" I answered, I spoke to her formally as she was one of the pinnacle beings, and in our hierarchy as the gods, she is one of the highest gods beside Erebus and Nyx

"You seem familiar" she said after she scanned me if I was lying about what I said

"Ah, you are the god that asked for my assistance in the war of the gods and the titans" she said

"Yes my lady, I was the one to request your aide in the war, Hades, your grandson" I said, then bowed again

"No need to be formal, you can address me as grandmother" she said

"Alright, grandmother" I said

"So why have you summoned me child?" She asked

"Well, I summoned to ask you a question, this was the only way I could contact you" I said, trying to explain to her that this was the only way I could find to speak to her, I could speak to Tartarus because of my connection to the underworld, Eros dwelled in heaven instead of personifying his divinity, love and due to this, I could sense him

"You summoned me here just to ask me a question?" She had a hint of irritation mixed with her voice when she asked me

"I am terribly sorry but this matter involves the underworld which I rule over" I apologized

"Fine, ask me what troubles the underworld in which my brother previously ruled over?" She asked, Tartarus was the true ruler of the whole death realm/underworld, he personifies Tartarus the more hellish part of hell, but he rules all of the underworld

"Have you been tempering with the world, grandmother?" I asked

Her aura then began to rapidly gush out of her body again, this time it was more menacing, "You dare accuse me, the goddess who personifies the world in which all living things dwell, to be tempering with the world I have kept in order?!" She asked yelling, with a murderous aura continuously being mixed with the menacing aura radiating around her body

"I-it is just that, th-there were suspicious things that all l-lead to you" I said, quivering at the shear power that she gives off

"Hmph, I am not so idiotic as to leave track that would lead to me you idiotic baphoon of a grandchild" she said, I felt degraded at her words

But wait a minute, if that is true, then the culprit of all this mess is someone different, but first, I have to calm her down first, she's scaring Kara

"Grandmother, I apologize to you, I just thought that you want to eliminate me due to me possibly overthrowing Zeus as king of the gods" I said, this time, I kneeled

"*Sigh*, apology accepted, you are my grandson afterall, now stand up, it is degrading to a god to let a mortal see them kneeling" she said as she dispersed the power coming out of her

I stood up and asked her "So grandmother, do you know of any who would do this?" I asked her

"There would be no one else more cunning than my husband, Uranus" she said

I sighed in relief saying "Phew, good thing someone like our grandfather is dead now" I mentioned

"Huh? Uranus is not dead" she mentioned to me

"Wait, what? Uranus is not dead? I thought Chronos killed him, he was so confident that he killed him" I said in disbelief

"He only used his scythe to castrate him, a god cannot die from that, he may be a Eunuch but he is alive, the problem is he just escaped due to him being severely weakened due to Chronos slashing him multiple times after he castrated him, I remember the last thing he did was grant Chronos a curse" She explained

"Then where is he now?" I asked her

"I do not know, he is a god that I created to have the best connection to the heavens and the earth is not part of the heavens, therefore, even if he is , as far as I know, he escaped to heaven to recuperate and have not heard of him since" she said

Heaven, is space, as I've said in the previous chapters, Heaven is not light and clouds but outer space, if Uranus really is recuperating from the injuries he received from Chronos, then he should have fully recovered by now

Wait, this all makes sense now, Zeus rules over the sky and heaven, Uranus must have manipulated him into raping Demeter since Zeus is not dumb enough to mess with me, and since they both have the power of heaven, it was easier for Uranus to manipulate him, he did this to make our relationship worsen so that we would be easier to deal with when he comes, he then manipulated the two new monsters I created to send me off to here on a goose chase, he knew that when we all fight him then he would surely lose, so he deliberately made our bond as siblings and comrades shaken, he then sent me off due to me being the strongest

"Shit" I said, I then turned back to the size of a human, Kara was about to ask but I just dragged her

"What is it boy?" Asked Gaia, seeing me in a hurry

"It is Uranus, he might be fighting the gods now" I said as I got the teleportation circle to the underworld ready

"Then I shall also come with" she said as she then shrank her size equal to ours

"You aren't allowed to come Kara" I said to Kara as she made her way to the teleportation circle

"What? Why not?" She asked

"Firstly, you are not strong enough to endure the onslaught of the possible fight that might be occurring and secondly, living mortals aren't allowed in the underworld" I said to her

I then made a teleportation circle to one of my abodes in the world and signalled her to stay there as she had nowhere to go

After she was off, I then initiated the circle teleporting me and Gaia to the underworld

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