Another Enemy

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I went to many places in Babylon, the people there were really religious to Hades, me, I even had to pray to one of my altars to enter the city

The city flourished despite the land outside being barren and dead, it was mostly due to me asking Demeter and Persephone to bless the lands and river around the whole kingdom

I bought many things there that actually piqued my interest, those are a magical sword, a spell book and a monster

This monster is a giant bear, it was tamed and trained by the people and taught to not attack it's owner

Surprisingly, many slaves are available for buying, from humans to monsters to humanoids, I was enraged by this but decided to compose myself

I should make a decree to one of the higher-ups in my church once I head back to the underworld to ban any form of slavery and discrimination between races, gender or origin

After a while of staying and relaxing in the city of Babylon, I went back to my abode

"Hello my love" Eos said to me, I was about to turn around when I sensed more running towards me at the speed of light, I ran knowing who they were, my wives

"Why are you running away darling?" Asked Selene

"I know exactly what will happen to me if you catch up to me" I answered

"What will?" Asked Hestia

I didn't answer and just kept running, if I were to stop or even slow down, I would be crushed by the force of their hug of death

After a while of running around the whole underworld, they were finally tired so I let them hug me, I underestimated them, they hugged me so tight that my joints were dislocated, this wasn't even the worst, there was one time all my bones were crushed, literally

Anyways, after that, I talked to them for a bit after I healed

I went to my throne and managed the underworld once more, I was surprised to see that one of my creations was once again out of control, it was both the snake and the angel I created

Suddenly, they hit one of the kingdoms of the underworld, I didn't bother with it since the demons were all strong and they won't get killed by this, and that kingdom has a protective shield so it shouldn't be a problem

I was irritated since I just came back from my vacat- I mean investigation, and I find another problem at hand

I showed it to Lucifer who was by my side and she asked "Shall we deal with the issue my lord?"

I thought for a bit and said to her

"No, I shall kill them and investigate what has gotten into them" I said as I stood up and teleported to where the two were

The angel saw me and tried grabbing me with it's big hand, I simply raised my hand and sliced it downwards slicing it in half

The snake took notice of this but instead of attacking, it actually retreated, I made the snake smarter than most so it's reasonable that it didn't just attack

It slithered away as fast as it can but I just simply summoned my spear and threw it at the snake's head, killing it instantly

I looked at the demons behind me and commanded them to continue their duties, I then fixed the damage to the barrier around the kingdom and teleported to the corpse of the angel that was still floating in the air

I placed my hand on its head and spread my divinity to the corpse, I sensed an aura that was the same as Gaea's but different, I teleported to where the snake was and did the same and the result was also the same, they both had the aura of the earth, Gaia

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