Death of Love (Updated)

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"By the way, before I do take your soul, why are you made of light?" I asked Eros

"Because I am the most perfect being in the world, the light is the radiance that my very fave gives off" he said, I was suddenly having doubts because I don't want to be unseen by my wives

"Do not worry, you are only integrating your soul with mine so you would only be reconstructed to have the most beautiful face of a man that can be seen" he said reassuring me

"Then, any requests you would wish to be fulfilled before you go?" I asked him

"I am not being erased from existance, I am only getting my soul combined with yours and I would then be separated and become my own being again in Chaos after you die along with the other souls in you" he said

"However, I do have one request" he said to me

"What is it?" I aske him

"Take care of the woman for me, I treasure her even before she is born" he said

I nod and I swing my hooks and throw both of them at him, it attached and I slowly pull the chains

I then pulled harder and the soul went to me but before it fully integrated with me, I saw a tear stream through his face though I could only faintly see his face

After that, I could feel my body being recreated, it was painful, I screamed for about half an hour before it finally stopped

I went to one of the rooms and looked for a mirror, I found one and looked at myself

This doesn't really suit me, I am the ruler of the underworld, I should have a fierce face, at least I shouldn't have an androgynous face

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This doesn't really suit me, I am the ruler of the underworld, I should have a fierce face, at least I shouldn't have an androgynous face

I made my way to the carriage and when the pegasi looked at me, they had looks of surprise, it seems that even the beasts are surprised at my face

I went inside and commanded the pegasi to make their way towards my castle in the underworld

They did as I told them and it took about 3 days to arrive, I told my wives that I have recently had a new face and they might seem surprised, this was so that no one would think of me as an intruder

Eos and Selene as well as Hestia, Eri, Myu and Hephaestus were waiting for me in front of the gate of the castle, one of the devils opened my carriage and she seemed surprised at my looks

I came out and once I did, everyone had a look of shock, I guess being handsome is a plus but this degrades my position as the king of the underworld, the king having such a gentle face

"Darling, is that you?" Eos said as she went closer to me

"Yes, my love, it is me" they then ran to me, Eos hugged my right arm while Selene jumped at me as she held onto me, Hestia hugged my left arm while Myu and Eri hugged both of my legs, Hephaestus had a smug look and seemed to want to tease me

"Haha, you really are a playboy father" Hephaestus said

"Well, what do you think about my new look my lovely wives?" I asked them

"You're the most handsome then, but you're even more handsome now" Eos said in a cheerful tone, I really like girls who have a positive attitude

"No one can rival how handsome you are, darling" Selene said, well I did integrate my soul with the most perfect being in existence

"My brother is the most perfect being" she said, I can't take that title, it belongs to Eros who would even sacrifice his life just so his lover would be happy, he is the true definition of a male lover, I would do the same but I haven't done that and he did

"Papa is the best" Myu said and Eri continued "Papa is gonna be my lover in the future", oh how cute my little angels are, I picked both kf them up and hugged them tightly, cuddled them and rubbed my cheek against theirs, we three were both laughing when I did that

I'm really lucky to have this family

We went inside the castle and continued our business, I found a way to automatically manage the underworld, it would basically be me linking my consciousness with the underworld and I would then be able to notice every issue and problem and deal with it immediately, best part is I can manipulate the underworld and summon creatures to solve the problems

I invented many things, but the first thing I did was create toilets, I can't do my business if it isn't on a toilet, a proper one

I created the basic hygiene products like shampoo and soap which the woman loved, toothbrushes and toothpaste so that my teeth don't fall out, deodorant, cologne, perfume, alcohol, and many others

Eri and Myu had fair skin and beautiful hair due to them being constantly bathed with the best type of soap, shampoo and conditioner, Hephaestus didn't like it because she thought it was too feminine despite her being female, I felt insulted when she said it was too feminine, I use it everyday

Anyways, I came back and linked my consciousness again with the underworld, it seems Jormungander has ran wild

He is currently eating some souls, I manipulate the nether ground beneath him to a hand and grabbed his body? tail?, I then swung him and impale his head, I didn't really need him, but I found out that he was being controlled, I need to investigate on this matter more

I looked into the blood that was flowing out from his head wih my consciousness still linked with the underworld, it seems that he was poisoned and died but was mind controlled by someone

My senses then noticed something in the room and I seperated my link from the underworld, I was then met by a dagger enchanted with many types of magic and could even hurt me heading towards my face trying to stab me, but I just grabbed it with my index and middle finger and crushed it

Once I finally got a better look at the assassin, he seemed to be a male, he backflipped and brought out a stone imbued with teleportation magic, how many magical items does this mortal have, I know that magic items in the mortal world is very hard to even get and he certainly didn't get those from the underworld, no living being can touch anything here except for the terrain

He was about to teleport but I used father's divinity to stop his time and immobilize him

Cronus' divinity is really useful, too bad it's given to my father

I summoned my guards to take him away and I'll investigate him later, he should know who was the one who plotted to kill me

After he was locked in the dungeon where every type of attack and item is useless, I began to inspect the poison in the body of the snake

The poison seems to have been injected into his body due to it being mixed into blood bit weirdly, even in his death his blood is still flowing, I looked more and it seems it has some of Zeus' aura

Sigh, I just got back and I already have to deal with some issues

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