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This isn't a chapter, I'd just like to ask a question

So recently, I haven't been motivated on what to write about this story, I plan to write a new story but it's just a fan fiction

So what anime would you like me to write

OPM (One Punch Man)

Tensura (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

AOT (No need for an introduction but just in case (Attack on Titan)


TSDS (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Others (Comment)

PS: I won't take any requests for a DxD fanfic because

1. It's too messy of a story
2. I haven't watched the rest (Only watched till season 2)
3. The story of DxD is like a fanfic itself with all the religious creatures and gods from different countries
4. I don't really like the art style ( no offense to the artist and everyone who watches DxD), it's just that almost every woman there is huge, but reality is very different

Sorry to all the DxD fans out there

PPS: I won't count the comments that have two or more votes

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