Pretending to be normal kids.

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Take one look at you,
You're heavens incarnate

(The chapter before this one is before the last two AN's Its called "Denial is one hell of a drug")

After that delightful news, me and my mum went home. I wasn't to tell the other ninja that I had figured out everyone's identity, not yet anyway. Lloyd wasn't allowed to tell them either, or that I knew his identity. It was nice meeting his mum, although we didn't really talk about normal stuff.

Who else meets their boyfriends mum though them telling you that you're in imminent danger?
Just me, okay.

"[Y/n], stop picking at your skin. Everything will be fine." My mum said, looking away from the road ahead momentarily to scold me.

I had ran out of nails to nervously bite, so I had moved onto picking at the skin surrounding my now blunt, uneven nails. I sighed and dropped my hands to my side.

I suppose I could always occupy my fingers my texting Lloyd.

Me 4:52pm

How's things ur end?

Lloyd <3. 4:52pm

Not too good. Sensei
is telling the others about
the danger we're in.

Me 4:53pm

Oh god. I'm going to
have to tell my dad.

Lloyd <3 4:53pm

I'll have to tell mine
as well. I hope I don't
worry him too much.

I snorted at his joke, my mum looked over at me. Her lips were turned up in a small smile, probably grateful to see that we weren't totally bummed about this. We were, but ignoring our problems for a little while was good for our mind.

Me 4:54pm

Don't make me
laugh rn. It isn't
the time.

Lloyd <3 4:54pm

Should I be making you
cry instead? Man, girls
are so strange.

I told him to stop being an idiot and we messaged for a while longer before he had to go. I put my phone down on my lap and stared blankly out of the window. We hadn't gotten many straight answers, all we knew is that we were in danger but we didn't know when or why and we only had a guess as to who was putting us in said danger.

I watched as the buildings blurred past, people living their lives. I wondered if any of them had just been given vague yet terrifying news.

That night I couldn't sleep. I just kept picturing all kinds of horrific things when my eyes fluttered closed.

I was lying on my back, staring at the dark ceiling. The moonlight lit up my room slightly, allowing me to actually know that it was the ceiling I was looking at. My room was suddenly illuminated with an green glow and a knock came from my window.

I jumped out of bed, tugging at my curtains. It was Lloyd, on the back of his elemental dragon. I felt a smile on my face as I opened the window to let him in.

"I couldn't sleep, knowing that you were unprotected." He said as he climbed in.

"I couldn't sleep either... morbid imagination."

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