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'Well he befriended the prince of the Ice kingdom,' the knight responded, the queen stared at Jimmy with disgust, 'What did I tell you!' She bellowed, causing everyone's attention to him, she pulled on his hair and he grunted in pain, 'This "prince" is a traitor! He talked with the prince of the Ice kingdom!' She yowled, anger and fury rose among the voices, Jimmy felt scared, wanting Scott with him right now.

Oh please, Scott be okay . . . He thought, squeezing his eyes shut while his mother made a fool of him to the crowd . . .


Scott was passing his way and heard yells of anger and disgust from the Ocean empire, What the . . . Scott thought, he hid amongst the trees and ducked, making sure he would be able to hear, but he saw Jimmy crying and his mother tugging on his hair, he wanted to scream, he wanted to kick the mother, but he didn't, he waited for her to talk once again.

'This is no longer going to be the prince of the Ocean kingdom! He will become a civilian amongst you all! He will only be given food one day a week and shall no one one talk to him!' She growled, she threw him on the floor and Scott saw guards come and take him away to a lock, the queen was still talking so Scott hurriedly went to were he last saw Jimmy.

He saw the guards take his in a cellar, they pushed him in and hurriedly locked the door before leaving him, Scott hid behind the cellar and saw a back door to it, with all his might, he kicked down the door, earning a quiet help from the blonde.

The blonde's eyes glowed with wonder when seeing the cyanette, 'S-Scott?' He muttered, Scott came over to he and went on his knees to reach Jimmy's eye level, 'Oh Jimmy! What happened?' He asked, softly caressing the other's hand, 'My sister brought a knight with her and they heard me standing up for you, and me talking to you . . .' He sighed, Scott hugged him tightly, rubbing his back comfortingly.

'But!' They both flinched when hearing Jimmy's mother yell, 'I changed my mind from my daughters protests of sending her brother to the cell, he shall be freed and given one more chance! But no one dare talk to him.' She nodded to the guards, Scott gasped and swiftly hid being the cellar, the guards took him out and Scott made his way out of the Ocean kingdom until  heard Jimmy's mother (the Ocean kingdom's queen) yowl one more thing . . .

'For the first time, in long time, I will be talking to the Ice kingdoms king about this betrayal!' That made his heart thump, no . . . God no . . .


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