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Scott looked around, he saw Jimmy standing on guard, slightly sleeping, he was standing at the border and Scott walked in plain sight Jimmy noticed and raised his sword before realising it was Scott, 'Scott!' He smiled and hugged the other, Scott clenched on his sword a let a breath escape his lips.

He gently took off Jimmy's mask, he trembled and hugged the other, 'Scott, I don't want to fight . . .' He whimpered, his voice cracking, Jimmy was in the verge of tears and Scott could tell. He tightly hugged the other and kissed him softly on the lips, Jimmy's eyes widened and were still widened when Scott let go, 'I . . . Jimmy, I love you . . .' Scott cried, Jimmy's eyes softened and he kissed the other on the lips back, Scott closed his eyes and smiled.

The two parted and a Jimmy was blushing, 'I-I love you too Scott, I loved you as soon as we met . . .' Jimmy hugged the other while having tears falling down his face and Scott hugged him back, crying.

'Jimmy, this is forbidden though . . .' Scott whispered, gently clenching on his sword, Jimmy nodded and sighed, 'I don't care!' He exclaimed, making the other slightly jump, 'Y-You don't?' Scott whispered, 'Of course I don't! I love you and that will never change!' He said, his eyes slightly watering.

Scott felt tears come back and he smiled softly at the other, 'Jimmy, I don't care either, I love you, so much . . .' The two watched the sunrise and hugged each other tightly, both giving each other kisses and hugs. Both felt happier than ever, knowing that both could actually be together one day, finally, maybe they could bring the bond between the two kingdoms again.

'But what about the battle?' He asked the taller male, Jimmy's smile had faded into a frown and he shook his head, 'I, I don't know . . . But what I know is that I promise I won't even make a single cut on you.' Jimmy hugged the other, Scott felt tears form in his eyes and they had released, 'I promise you too, but I don't know what to do anymore . . .' Scott whispered, softly hugging the other. 'Scott, I don't know either, but if I had to choose between you or my kingdom, I'd choose you.' Jimmy nodded, making the other tear up.

'J-Jimmy!' Scott wailed, hugging the other tightly, 'Jimmy I love you so much!' He cried, Jimmy cried as well and hugged the other, Scott kissed the other on the lips and Jimmy kissed him back, they parted softly and Jimmy softly kissed the others forehead, 'I love you too, Scott, so much.' Jimmy sighed, he smiled and hugged the other.

Mother was right, Scott thought, closing his eyes but a smile had stung his lips, I love him, I love him with my entire heart . . .


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