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Scott sighed and opened the door from the Ice kingdom's palace, he was greeted with his father looking at him daringly, 'Where were you? I was waiting for you to talk to you!' His father grunted and crossed his arms, he glared at Scott and Scott had never seen him this mad or angry that he hand's shown up.

'Father, I went to the Telling Stone, I saw mother and talked to her as well,' he sighed, he curtsied and kept his head low, smirking to himself when seeing his fathers eyes gleam with happiness. 'Really? Oh my gosh what did she say?' He pressed the other cyanette.

Scott's heart beat fastened and he needed to think of a lie, I can't tell him that she told me to confess my love to Jimmy! I need to lie . . . He thought, 'She told me a special move to finish the battle between me and the Ocean prince.' He nodded, making his father smile.

'Good, you know, on Monday which is tomorrow, you will be fighting the prince, I hope you do well my son.' He nodded to Scott, Scott nodded back and went to his room, he shut the door before getting a pen and paper to write a note to Jimmy, he smiled when writing the love note to Jimmy.

It read:

my love, I am sure for tomorrow (Monday, which is the day we have to fight),
we will show them that our kingdoms don't have to be enemies!
In fact, they can have the close bond they had before, I'll be more than happy if
our kingdoms don't become enemies anymore!

From your dear love: Scott <3

Scott wrapped it with a ribbons before rushing his way to the Ocean kingdom, he sneakily put it on Jimmy's room and left by his window, landing with a heavy thud and slight groan in pain. He whisked away and climbed back to his room, dangerously about to fall.

He sighed and looked at his list of things he needed to do this Sunday, mostly looking at what methods he needed to do whilst fighting Jimmy with his sword, oh geez, this will be a lot . . . He thought, but he shook it off and straightened, but I have to do it, for the both of us, he nodded to himself before leaving the room to do his sword practice.


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