Chapter 31: Abandoned

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#DS6Unwavering #CirCoal #SharkFamily #DaggerSeries




I ignored Coal calling me and the commotion that commenced after I walked past them so that I could head straight to the elevator. Evan Nevan couldn't follow me fast enough. The last thing I saw when the door shut completely was the image of Coal running after the closing elevator.

I expected to feel numb. I prefer to feel that way. Instead, my body is trembling, and I feel so cold. I wanted to run. I wanted to be anywhere but here, but I know I couldn't do that. It's like I've been forced into a corner, and I'm suffocating.

I would have welcomed the numbness. The detachment from what's currently happening. I would have preferred that. Katulad kung anong naramdaman ko nang makita ko si Eleazar na kasama ang babae niya.

A bitter laugh fell from my lips, and I looked up at the ceiling of the elevator to stop my tears from falling.

Kung hindi ko gustong makita si Eleazar ay lalong lalo kong hindi magusto na makita ang babae na hindi man lang nagdalawang-isip na makipagrelasyon sa isang taong alam niyang nakatali na sa iba. Someone who doesn't mind hurting other people as long as they're happy.

I must be cursed.

Nang bumukas ang pintuan ay namataan ko ang kinaroroonan ng conference room kung saan nandoon na ang mga kapatid ni Coal. I don't need to be a mind reader to know that they were somehow informed by the scene that took place in the lobby.

I heard the other elevator open, but I was already walking towards the conference room.

"Circe. Baby."

Pumiksi ako nang maramdaman ko ang pagpigil ni Coal sa braso ko at tumuloy ako sa kinaroroonan ng iba pang mga Dawson.

I didn't even sit down when I got inside, and I went straight to the point. "Where's the new letter?"

Sandaling tumingin si Axel kay Coal bago muling bumalik ang atensyon niya sa akin. "Maybe we should leave you two to talk first—"

"No. I came here for this." Nang hindi siya kumilos para ibigay ang hinihingi ko ay binalingan ko si Thorn. "I want this to be over."

I heard Coal behind me call my name again, but the eldest Dawson shook his head at him. Iminuwestra niya ang bakanteng upuan at lumapit ako roon. With my back ramrod straight, I sat down on the chair without looking at Coal.

"We went through everyone that's connected to you, and none of the information we have put together is concrete enough for a lead. We've been feeling that something is off with the case. The way the perpetrator approaches it isn't the usual action of a stalker," Thorn explained.

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