Author's Note

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Author's Note

Hi guys! Isa na namang libro ang natapos natin. Hindi pa rin talaga ako makapaniwala minsan na ilang libro na lang ay isasara na natin ang series na 'to.

Kaya maraming salamat talaga sa mga sumuporta sa Dagger Series from book 1 hanggang ngayon na nasa book 6 na tayo. That being said, I just want to remind everyone that I always start writing my books offline. It means hindi pwedeng agad-agad ay magsimula ako ng panibago kaagad ♡

Parang kailan lang no puro kalokohan pa ng loner na si Lucienne ang sinusulat ko? Tapos ngayon ang laki na ng pamilya niya. We have already witnessed six stories in this series. Books that I'm glad made you all happy and somehow managed to touch your hearts. Sana hanggang dulo ay magawa ng mga libro sa series na 'to na mapasaya kayo ♡

When I started writing Unwavering, I didn't expect that I would be as attached to it as I turned out to be. I just love this family so much that writing this book passed by quickly before I was even ready to let them go. Bukod pa roon ay isa si Circe sa mga nagustuhan ko talagang karakter na isulat. Being in her mind, creating words to create her world, became something that I really enjoyed.

Usually, I give the characters I make personalities that come from parts of me or from people that are important to me. But with Circe, she's a character of her own. She's one that I and most people wish to be. Someone who is unbothered, can find calmness despite the storms frequenting her life, and a person who has it in her the braveness to let go of bitterness that often causes ruin to a person holding on to it.

But that doesn't mean the way she breezes easily through everything doesn't have its bad side. She showed how sometimes denial of pain could be mistaken as an act of letting go. Something that is important to face because if we keep hiding from it, we will never know how to really resolve our problems and issues.

She has insecurities that emerge from what we are all familiar with because we all know what it's like for our trust to be betrayed by people we thought would honour it. But I hope that, just like Circe, all of you will be able to find a person who will prove to you that they are worthy of the love and trust that you can give. May it be a friend that will walk beside you no matter what life throws at you or a special someone that will protect your heart the way it deserves to be.

I hope that one day you'll learn to ride the waves too, no matter how daunting it might be. Because sometimes, the waves in our lives are not given to us to be conquered but rather are currents that are supposed to take us where we are meant to be.

Thank you for reading and supporting this story, BHOCAMPERS! See you in the next book ♡


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