29. Matters of the Heart

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What was wrong with me?  the question was haunting me as Remus helped me to the bed on the far side of the room.

"Aurora...please. Look at me" Remus voice was like an incessant hum in the back of my head, and my brow furrowed as I opened my eyes.

I hadn't even realized  I closed them.

"That's it. Good" Remus was speaking softly and insistently, brushing a wayward strand of hair from my face.

But it was as if his voice was fading, reduced to background noise as I felt the warm trickle of blood on the inside of my thighs.

"I'm back! Got a healer-or at least what passes for one around here!" Sirius' s voice rang through my hazy state of mind, and my eyes swiveled in the direction of the sound.

Sirius was entering the room, Enobaria hot on his heels as he made his way over to me. She looked worried and concerned as she approached, eyes taking in everything.

Not missing a beat she crouched down beside the bed, pressing a cool hand against my forehead. I was still watching her with a strange feeling of detachment as she pressed her fingers to the side of my throat, counting under my breath as  she measured my heart-rate.

"She must have gotten injured during the fight. That bastard Valerius must have gotten to her somehow" Sirius ranted as he started pacing the room.

Even though I couldn't see Remus the hand he had wrapped around mine tightened fractionally. By now my breathing was laboured and I found myself gasping for breath.

"Please. I need room. She's having trouble breathing" Enobaria commanded, easily assesing the situation and taking the lead "....Aurora? What happened?"

"I'm not leaving, if that's what you mean" Sirius snapped as he passed a hanf through his hair, a worried expression on his face.

"I'm asking you to respect her privacy. You asked for my help-this is me giving it" Enobaria said firmly, an ege to her voice indicating that there was no contradicting her.

Sirius looked like he wanted to object, but there must have been something about Enobaria's authoritative voice that convinced him not to. He gave me a pleading look, but I wasn't really in any shape to answer.

This all seemed so wrong, so messed up, and my mind was still trying to process the whole thing.

"Aurora? Can you hear me?" Enobaria asked, now leaning in to raise one of my eyelids and causing me to blink after confirming my pupils reactions to the light "Can you tell me where it hurts?"

Finally Sirius relented, and with one last look at me he left the room.

"You too" Enobaria said sharply, giving Remus deadpanned look.

Remus nodded and was getting up, but it wasn't until he tried to disentangle his hand from mine it was that I was finally able to react...

...and I shook my head.

"What is it Aurora?" Enobaria asked, cautiously trying to unwrap my other arm from around my waist, where I'd clamped it down after the abdominal pain intensified.

"Remus...I-I want him to stay" I gritted between clenched teeth, managing to formulate a sentence.

"Aurora...perhaps it's better if you let the Healer work as she sees fit..." Remus offered quietly, looking down at me with a tight-lipped smile "You'll be fine. Don't worry"

"No. I'm. ..I'm scared. I need a friend" I whispered pleadingly "Please, Remus..."

My voice had trailed off near the end of that sentence, and a painful groan escaped me as I tried to prop myself up on one elbow. But I'd locked eyes with the kind werewolf who I'd come to see as one of my close friends, and I knew I was right by saying that. I needed someone right now. Someone to hold my hand and tell me it would be allright. Remus was kind and gentle and, more importantly, I trusted him.

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