10. Wicked Game

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With a heavy heart I made my way to the dungeons. I was dreading the moment in which I would have to face Severus. What would I say? How could I still act the same way around him knowing what I knew? Should I lie to him? Pretend like everything was still the same between us when for me, everything was different?

My heart was thundering inside my chest, a tattoo against my ribcage, and I tried to  control my breathing as I neared the empty hallway that lead to Severus's chambers. Albus had informed me we'd be working there sicne we couldn't risk Umbridge finding out we were brewing the Wolfsbane Potion.

Reaching the inconspicuous part of the wall I muttered the password, and the door appeared. Inmediately it was opened, only to reveal a grumpy looking Severus.

"You didn't come to Alchemy this afternoon" were the first words out of his mout.

"...And good night to you too" I muttered darkly, brushing past him and looking around.

I had spent some time in this room the previous year, when I'd been poisoned, so I didn't remember any details as to what his chambers looked like. Only impressions. The particular smell of spices and potion ingredients was the same as I remembered, and I sniffed the air, the delicate smell stirring something in me I tried my hardest to supress. Desire. longing. Things I had no buisness in feeling right now. There were three rooms. Two were interconnected, separated only by a wooden elevation. One was the kitchen area, the other the bedroom. There was a door leading to the bathroom, it's door now closed. Bookshelves lined the walls, and in one corner stood a caulduron, a fire lit underneath it. A fireplace was in the bedroom, together with a chair and a small couch. The kitchen was simple and bare, with a small stove and a couple of more shelves. Alltogether it looked neat and well-used, the room however was devoid of any paintings or pictures. I wondered why that was.

"So now that you joined the Order you just stopped giving a rats ass about your education?" Severus barked, arms crossed over his chest as he watched me observing my surroundings.

"Why I do or don't do something isn't any of your buisness" I replied tensely, turning to face him.

"I am your teacher, Aurora. You skipped class. It is mose defenitely my buisness" Severus said ever so softly.

"Nice to know you noticed my abscence" I said with the tinest amouunt of satisfaction "Miss me much?"

"How could I not notice the bane of my existence not being there to torture me with her prescence?" Severus replied sarcastically, quirking an eyebrow at me.

With his slim, unmistakeable figure silhouetted against the dim light of the room behind him, I wondered again why fate could have been so cruel. Why? Why him? Had I really fallen in love with him? It couldn't be....right? No, not someone with those creepy long fingers, skin as pale as a corpse and yet black hair paired with phantomless onyx eyes that seemed to pierce you till your very soul. Cold eyes that always seemed to be looking at everything a bit too intensely, including me. Yesssss, my mind whispered feverently, you DO love him. Even when you hate him, you love him.

I sighed.

"Can we just get started?" I asked softly, running a hand through my lose hair, eyes trained on my shoes as I couldn't trust myself when I was ooking directly at him. It made me have these strange impulses, like wanting to touch him, to cartess him, to hold him.....

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