5. Unexpected Travel Companion

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I froze.

I had never, and I mean never, heard Professor McGonagall curse. I mean, I know I hadn't known her for longer than about a year and a half, but she'd always been very strict and dreadfully proper. Not once had I heard her use any kind of strong language.

-..."What the hell is going on here?"...-

How could I answer that?

....."Professor Snape kissed me and then called me a whore?" "Severus and I are soulmates but he hates my guts?" "I'm in love with my Potions professor-who by the way is like 150 years younger than I am- and he doesn't know we're Soulmates?" ..... There were so many ways to answer that question, and all of them were wrong. I couldn't tell McGonagall about Severus and I. Hell, there was no Severus and I. She wouldn't believe me anyways. I mean, who would? Everything I could possibly say would only make things worse.

"Nothing, Professor" I answered after the briefest silence, my voice sounding muffled for I had rested my head on my forearms, hiding between my knees.

"Minerva" she said quietly, walking up to me and crouching down beside me.

"...what?" I asked, suprised, raising my head a bit to look up at the proper Transfigurations teacher.

"Call me Minerva. We're both members of the Order and quite frankly, you're older than I am" she said with a small smirk playing across her lips.

I answered her smile hesitantly.

"Now why don't we skip the pleasantries and you tell me what the hell I just walked in on?" She said, her eyes hard.

My smile faltered.

"-excuse me?" I said weakly, hoping against all odds that McGonagall would just drop the manner.

"Aurora. I heard the shouting. Saw Severus storm off like the DeatEaters were hot on his heels, and you...well you look quite upset. Now tell me, what am I to make of that?" She asked me as she quirked an eyebrow at me. And let me tell you, that woman can quirk an eyebrow like no one.

"We had a fight" I said, shrugging in the hopes of just avoiding the whole thing.

"What do you mean 'we'  ?" Minerva inquired.

"Professor Snape and I" I answered honestly "We fight often. We...don't get along very well"

"I can see that" Minerva snorted.

"You know I stayed with him during the vacations?" I asked, waiting for her to nodd before continuing "Well that was on Albus' s orders. He neede to find me a place to stay that was off the grid, and no other members of the Order were available at the time... Nonetheless, Professor Snape has taken a profound dislike towards my person ever since I first met him..."

"It sounded like quite an argument" Minerva inquired "Not merely a sense of dislike..."

I wanted to deny it. I really did. But somehow I felt bad about lying to her. Maybe because I feared she'd see through my lies and find out the truth. Instead I averted my eyes.

"Aurora..." something about her soft voice had me looking up at herm she sounded worried. Concerned "...did he...-try to force himself on you?"

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