17. Tempting fate

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Well hello there my fellow humans! If there is anything I like more than reading all the wonderful comments you guys lifet at the last chapter, it is writing another one. I absolutely adored the things you guys said last chapter, and I really appreaciate all the supposrt this story has been getting. I'll try to update as often as possible. I really will. But in order to get into college, I have to take exams in Math, physics, biology and chemistry in may, and practiaclly re-do my final year of highschool (oh the perks and joys of having lived abroad...) so yeah... bear with me will ya?


A week.

7 days.

168 hours.

10080 minutes.

604800 seconds.

That's how long Severus had been completely ignoring my existence.

...not that I was counting or keeping track or anything. Nope. 

My nerves were frayed ever since I returned to Hogwarts. Alexander had promised he'd try to spend as much time as possible at my side, but with his political career at the Vampire Royal Council at an all-time high, I doubted I'd be seeing much of him.

And, above all, I worried about Severus.

Would he talk? Would he tell my father or Dumbledore about what he had seen? What he had walked in on? The chance that he would rat me out was relatively small, but maybe his so-called sense of duty or obligations would force his hand. After all, what I had done was frowned upon by so many, considered a tabu by most and thought so low of that in the best of cases I'd become an outcast if people were to know I had given my blood to a Vampire. And willingly at that.

The fact that he hadn't as much as uttered a single word to me ever since we embarked on our journey back to Hogwarts was disturbing enough. No snide remarks, no mean comments, nothing. Just that silent accusing glare that made my insides churn and my heart flutter inside my chest. How was I supposed to deal with that? How was I supposed to behave normaly knowing that right now Severus probably thought of me as the lowest of scum? That he considered what I had done to be  unforgiveable?

Not to mention I was anxious.

Somehow letting Alexander feed from me had caused this restlessness inside of me. Knowing what he had done to me was somehow exhilarating, and yet daunting and intimidating at the same time. The thought made me shiver, but if it was a shiver from delight or from disgust, I wouldn't know. The puncture marks at the base of my throat had healed quite easily, leaving barely but a mark on my already pale skin. Two pale pinpricks that were easily concealed with a shielding spell. It wasn't like I didn't spend a lot of magic already to conceal all sorts of features on my body.

And Severus was pointedly ignoring me. As in pretending I didn't exist. After we arrived at Hogwarts even the accusatory glances had stopped, and now he was acting like I littleraly didn't exist. Like I was air. During Potions he just blatantly refused to even look my way, and he didn't once ask me for any homework or other assignments. He didn't grade my papers, he didn't call my name on roll-call. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. It was as if to him, I was dead. And it wasn't a pretty feeling. Where once had been an undeniable underlying tension, now cold nothingness remained. The constant electric buzz that I always seemed to sense in the air whenever he was near had stopped, like he was trying his hardest to ignore even my very prescence. He also seemed to be keeping his distance. As if he couldn't even breathe the same air I breathed anymore. Like being near to me caused him some physical illness.

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