chapter fourteen

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chapter fourteen
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MAY PARKER IS A GIFT that I never knew was right beside me until today. Sure, I was drawn to her when we first met, but I never realized just how important she is.

"It's okay, Ashley." May picked me up from the ground and spun me around. She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder as I did the same to her. I wasn't crying, not this time, but I was absolutely petrified. "It's okay." She repeated, "I'm here."

I smiled and sunk into her arms as my entire body relaxed. She seemed to have some sort of magical effect on me and I absolutely adored it.

"Thanks." I croaked and buried my face deeper into her shoulder. My entire body lit up with heat and warmth that caused comfort to release within me. I loved the feeling and it made me smile.

We stood like that for a while, in silence, as I kept trying to open my mouth to say something. How do I pronounce the word? How do I say it correctly?

Finally, even surprising myself, I spoke, "May," I cleared my throat, "I have to tell you something."

She pulled away slowly and held onto my upper arms as she stared into my eyes. I saw Fernando behind her and I almost forgot he was here with us.

Okay, Ashley. You're on the spot. You have to confess now.

I took a deep breath and gulped. Two pairs of eyes were on me and my heart couldn't seem to stop beating rapidly.

"I, uh..." cough, "I'm gay."

     The next thing May did surprised me, that's for sure. She smiled that big smile of hers that enhanced the dimple on her right cheek before she hugged me even closer to her body this time. I was shocked, to say the least, but I was also incredibly happy.

     "Well, shit." Fernando smiled in the distance. I looked up from May's shoulder and smiled at him. "That's cool."

     May pulled away from me with that big smile plastered on her face. Butterflies exploded inside my ribcage.

     "It's okay to be gay, Ashley James." She smirked. We couldn't seem to leave each other's eyes. "That's just another word for happy," she paused, "and I'm so happy you're happy."

     I smiled and hugged her again. This time Fernando joined in and awkwardly tried to wrap his arms around the both of us. May and I started erupting into laughter because of him.

     "What?" He chuckled. "Am I not allowed in on this moment?"

     "Oh, come here." I waved him over and took my left arm away from May and put it around Fernando. This time he was included in the hug and it made me feel even more better and accepted.

     The three of us hugged in silence for a while. It was nice - I was able to finally take a breath and think.

     "Thanks." I mumbled under my breath. Fernando and May pulled away and I craved for their warmth to come back to me.

     "Always." May smiled at me. I swear her eyes were brighter than ever for a split second before they went back to normal.

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