chapter twenty two

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chapter twenty two

WHEN I WOKE UP, I had no idea where I was or what time it was. Or, even, what day of the week it was. As I sat up rather quickly, my head throbbed so much that I had to lie back down. I put a hand to my head and groaned as the sharp pains didn't seem to stop. What's going on?

It was pitch black in the room I was in. There was no source of sunlight or any kind of lamp that I could see nearby, so I began to get a little scared. I quickly recognized that I was on some sort of fold-out couch with a ton of blankets on top of me.

I furrowed my eyebrows together and turned on to my right side when I realized there was a person next to me. I shot up, yet again receiving more stabs to the brain, as I groaned and tried to get a good look at who was beside me.


My heart began to pound as I looked around and recognized another figure as the one and only, May Parker, to my left.

Did we have some sort of huge sleepover last night, or, like, what's going on?

I slowly lowered myself back down as I turned on my left side and looked over at May. I could feel my heartbeat in my head and it was not a good feeling at all.

As my eyes adjusted, I saw that May looked incredibly peaceful in her sleep. Her head probably wasn't throbbing like mine and her hair seemed to be tossed around in all directions like a birds nest. I couldn't help but see it as incredibly cute and so... It was just so May.

I felt something vibrating in my back pocket, so I quickly pulled it out and saw that my dad was calling me. The light from my phone practically blinded me and made my head hurt even more, so I quickly denied it. The time read that it was four in the morning.

I had several Snapchats from people, some of which were from Olivia and Fernando (I'm not really sure how they got my Snapchat), and a few Facebook messages from Julia. I ignored the notifications and opened up my phone only to see a new background on the home screen. It was a picture I had never seen before.

As I looked closer, I saw that everyone at Lulu's surprise party was in it, except for Kyle (who I assumed was taking the photo), and my arm was slung around May Parker's shoulders. My heart pounded when I saw that I was smiling at the camera but she was smiling at the side of my face instead.

I slowly peeled my eyes away from the phone and looked at her next to me, who was still sleeping as peaceful as an angel.

Curious, I opened up my camera roll and saw several pictures from Lulu's stake-out point. I don't remember taking any of them and that honestly scares me a little bit.

I felt something move on my thigh which made me freeze in my position. I slowly picked up the blankets and turned on the flashlight on my phone to see what it was. To my very own surprise, I followed someone's foot with my light and saw that May Parker's leg was literally around my left thigh. I wanted to scream, cheer, burst into a happy dance, but I didn't. I simply turned to look at her and smiled.

Her face scrunched up as she started to stir around and that's when I realized I was shining the flashlight in her face. I quickly shut it off and put my hands under the blanket - along with my phone. I closed my eyes, just to fake it, and prayed that my headache would go away soon.

About a minute later, I knew she was awake. She was probably confused, too, just like I was.

"Ashley?" She whispered. I slowly batted my eyes open and gulped when I saw her eyes meet mine. She smiled. "Hi."

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