chapter twenty nine

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chapter twenty nine

MAY AND I WOKE UP EXTREMELY early for some reason. We had stayed up until two in the morning the night before, but we were as awake as the sun would be in the early hours. I guess you could just say that we were excited for the road trip to commence (and the fact that today is a Friday and everyone else is already at school). I just felt special, and I know May probably did, too.

I watched my mom pace around the kitchen while I sat next to May on my couch. She was counting things on her fingers and muttering little sentences and lists to herself.

"You okay, mom?" I asked. May turned her eyes away from the television and peered over the back of the couch as she watched my mom as well.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She shooed me with her hands. "I just don't want to forget anything."

"Well, we'll be gone for three days and I'm pretty sure there's a store there where you can just buy whatever you forgot."

My mom pressed her lips together and stood up straight as she looked over at me with that look. The look that tells me what I just said shouldn't have slipped out of my mouth.

"Cut the sass, Ash." She added my name just because she didn't want to look bad in front of my girlfriend, I'm sure. "I'm worried that I'm forgetting something bigger than that..." Her hand rose to her chin as her other hand made its way to her hip.

"Toothbrush?" I tried. She nodded her head. "Socks?" Nod. "Toothpaste?" Nod. "Um..." I looked over at May and furrowed my eyebrows. She stared back at me while I thought. Immediately, I turned back to my mom. "Do you have the 'Something Borrowed' for Sarah?" I asked.

"Oh, my god!" My mom practically sprinted out of the room and into her bedroom, causing May and I to laugh. I've never seen my mom run so fast in my entire life.

I slowly took my eyes away from my mom's bedroom door and smiled at May. Her left arm was resting on the back of the couch and her legs were tucked into her body like a little ball. Also, she had on these ridiculous socks with cows all over them that stretched over her ankles. (May was actually pretty weird, hence the choice in socks, but she's a good weirdo).

"I'm excited." She rested her head on to the back of the couch.

"Me too." My heart fluttered when it caught sight of her stupid, stupid, stupid right dimple.

Maybe it was the butterflies, maybe it was the bitter coffee May forced me to drink an hour ago, but I felt like doing something stupid. Something really stupid (but a good stupid).

I scooted my body closer to hers, causing our knees to knock each other's, but I just smiled at the lovely girl in front of me. I reached my right fingertips forward and slowly rested them on top of her dimple, taking me back to the time we drank vodka on top of a grocery store. My heart practically exploded.

"I really like your dimple." I smiled as I felt my cheeks become a hotter temperature than they were before.

"I know." May smiled as she attempted to wiggle her eyebrows. It didn't really work though, so I laughed with my mouth closed.

     Only, spit seemed to escape my lips.

      May shot her head back and closed her eyes as her lips pursed. I took my hand away from her face and covered my mouth as I felt my entire face turn into a red hot tomato.

"Oh, my god!" I laughed and scooted back from her to keep distance from the awkwardness. "I'm so sorry."

She took her hand and wiped her entire left cheek and the little spot a over her mouth. Oh, my God I just spit on her.

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