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"Should we go back?"

"O-of course, we should," she answered stuttering while her hands were clumsily searching for something within her robe.

It was cute. Her reaction after we kissed was cute.

As soon as she found what she was looking for, she took it out and began murmuring words. With a little whisk from the wand on her hand, a passage appeared.

"Diretso 'to sa kuwarto mo."

"How convenient."

Nagkatitigan kami saglit bago biglang nagbago ang ekspresyon ng mukha niya at natutop ang sariling bibig.

"I-I made it straight to your room so you could rest." Siya na mismo ang nagbigay ng ibang kahulugan sa una niyang sinabi. "A-alam kong pagod ka."

"After you," I said, unable to hide my amusement at how self-conscious she's acting.

Nahihiya siyang ngumiti at akmang hahakbang na papasok kundi lang napigil ng boses na bigla na lang tumawag sa kanya.

"Y-your highness." It was a very faint voice.

As we try to locate where it was coming, we noticed a little girl slowly crawling on the floor soaked in blood.

"Eve!" Mabilis na inilagay ni Adria sa kanlungan ang bata.

Bukod sa malubhang mga sugat, napansin kong hindi pangkaraniwan ang itsura nito. Her eyes were dark red and has slit-shaped pupils; similar to a cat. Her messily scattered hair, that's probably still long enough to reach the ground when standing. It was the same kid I caught a glimpse of, back in the secret chamber.

"Hurry, y-your majesty. Y-you can still catch up to her." A pair of fangs peeked from its mouth as the child spoke.

Halatang saglit na natigilan si Adria bago nakapagsalita. "You are seriously injured. Kailangang maggamot ka agad."

"S-she took your b-betrothed's body. I failed to stop her, forgi-"

"E-eve!" Bahagyang inalog ni Adria ang batang hindi na natapos ang sasabihin.

"Let's take her to my room," I suggested before carrying the unconscious child into the portal.

Inihiga ko agad 'to sa kama ko. She looks weakened, and dying from all the cuts, bruise, and injuries.

Dali-daling umusal ng mga salita si Adria at itinapat ang mga palad sa bata. Her hand glowed with light.

"Mind telling me what's going on?"

She turned her worried face in my direction. "I think what Eve was trying to say is that... someone stole your old body." She bit her lower lip. "Naalala mo ba no'ng sinabi ko sa 'yo na hindi lang ako ang may alam kung sino ka talaga? There are those who are trying to hurt you."

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