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I'm sure that it has only been a few hours since I've been thrown inside the door, but it feels like it's already been weeks. The whole place is messing with my sense of time.

Nasulyapan ko na naman ang katiting na liwananag at nakitang nakaupo ang batang walang mukha.

“Answer me, who are you?” sabi uli nito habang nakangiti.

“What do you want from me?!”

“Who are you?”

I clenched my fist hard, that my nails dug into my own skin. “Again, I don't care who the fuck I am!”

The silhouette's lips arched again as the light disappeared once more, which was soon followed by a noise. It was a creaking sound. Just then, I caught a glimpse of a bright opening shaped like a door from a distance. A human figure walked in before it swiftly shut close.

The person's physique slowly got outlined by a dim line of light in the darkness. It was Cyan. Pansin ko ang pangangapa niya sa dilim.

Nalipat ang atensyon ko sa pintuang bumukas na naman pero ngayon ay nasa ibang lokasyon na. It was meters away from where it first appeared. This time, I hurriedly ran towards it, wasting no time.

I have to get back to Adria, she needs me.

As I got closer, I felt an urge to look behind. I just had to make sure that Cyan is going for the same light. Pero hindi gano'n ang nakita ko. Naglalakad pa rin siya papunta sa kadiliman na para bang hindi niya nakikita ang liwanag galing sa bukas na pintuan.

I stopped. 

“The way out is within your grasp,” the voice said. The same annoying voice I've been hearing since getting trapped. “Leave him behind. Your problems will be solved.” The white silhouette showed itself again, standing amidst the darkness. “Pretend to be him. The girl will be yours,” it proposed.

I sneered at the idea. Walang pagdadalawang-isip akong naglakad palayo sa nakabukas na daan palabas. There's no way I'll pretend to be someone I'm not just to get what I want. I'll never try to fool Adria.

Sinimulan kong maglakad papunta kay Cyan. Pero nang parang hindi man lang naglalapit ang distansya namin, nilakihan ko na ang mga hakbang. I ran after him, but as I go faster the distance between us got wider. The more I move forward, the more he's getting farther.

“Why save him? He's your enemy.” The voice within the void whispered again.

Mahahablot ko na sana ang braso ng hinahabol pero kisapmata lang, nasa malayo na naman 'to. As I continue, my breathing became heavy. Napilitan akong huminto. I can feel sweat dripping all over my face as I try to catch my breath, which I couldn't really do. Nahihirapan akong huminga. Parang nauubos ang hangin sa paligid.

“Does it not matter to you who you're saving? Does it not matter that he shall take what you care for the most?”

“I'm n-not doing this for myself, I'm d-doing this for Adria.” Napaluhod na lang ako sa sahig. My hands against the floor is the only thing that's keeping me from lying face flat.

The silhouette appeared right beside me. His mouth curved wider than before. “Strange. Strange.” He circled around me.

Losing air feels like being choked. No one's gripping my neck, yet it hurts just the same. Nag-angat ako ng ulo at nilingon si Cyan na patuloy pa ring naglalakad palalim sa kawalan. 

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