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"Surprise! Surprise!" Right from Gerard's back, Gerardine gleefully peeked.

Lalong natulala si Khaos sa kinatatayuan.

"Totally slutty, aren't you, Adria?" baling na nito sa 'kin. "Gustong-gusto mong pinag-aagawan."

It's been ages, but I still vividly recall how the two played us before; of how Chartreuse pretended to be a demure damsel in front of the whole school while Klaude unsuspiciously crept his way to me. Even though they used different personalities this time, it still felt that history repeated itself.

"I don't really need to ask what's going on, it's already obvious," singit ni Khaos na mukhang nahamig na ang sarili.

I should've already known how cunning and deceptive the enemies are. I should've considered the possibility that they could be this close to us.

"I-isang tabi muna natin ang 'di kasali," basag ni Gerard sa sandaling katahimikan.

An ancient wooden door suddenly emerged from the floor. It swung open, revealing the swirling darkness inside.

Nasundan na lang ng mga mata ko ang pagtilapon ni Khaos papasok sa bukas na pinto kasabay nang pagkumpas ng kamay ni Gerard.


Sapo ko ang sentido nang lingunin ko ang paligid. Wala akong maaninag kundi kadiliman. It's as if my eyes weren't open at all. I feel that I'm in a big empty space covered in pure darkness.

With no sign of the door where I was practically thrown in, I started to walk forward. Kahit hindi ko nakikita ang daraanan, handa akong hanapin ang pinto palabas. Kailangan ako ni Adria.

"Who are you?"

Napaikot ako sa kinatatayuan dahil sa narinig na boses ng isang batang lalaki.

“Who are you? Do you know who you are?”

Bahagyang nasilaw ang mga mata ko sa biglaang paglitaw ng maliit na liwanang sa 'di kalayuan. Tuloy lang ang tinig sa pagtatanong habang humahakbang ako palapit do'n.

As I got closer, I noticed a pure white silhoutte leisurely sitting on the floor. It's the source of what little light there is. It's a figure of a child without a face, but with a long horizontal slit that's made to look like a mouth.

“Answer me, who are you?” It grinned.

"I don't care who I am." Nagtaka ako sa sarili nang kusa kong sinagot ang tanong niya. "I need to get out of here!"

"Are you sure you don't care?"

Matapos ng tanong niyang 'yon, nagdilim uli ang paligid.

My memories flashed in front of my eyes: my childhood, of when I was still foolishly believing in impossible dreams. The times I've spent with my mother and my father. Of when I was left alone. The instances I was torn by situations I couldn't handle. And the days with Adria.

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