❝You're gonna help me hide the body, right?❞

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Warning // Deaths of (possibly) one of your favorite characters.

JUNE SNIFFS AS SHE PLACES THE house phone to her ear, her leg bouncing up and down as she waits for him to answer. Tears were streaming down her face as she looks down at the body that was laying in a pool of their own blood.

The phone goes to voicemail and she lets out a small annoyed scream before dialing his number again. "Dre, it's four in the damn morning --

Before he could finish his sentence she quickly cuts him off. "Pac, listen to me!" She suddenly says and he sits up in bed, hearing the panic and rush in her voice. "Please don't talk, just listen to me, okay? I didn't mean to, he started screaming and then I screamed back at him and he got angry and started hitting me.." June gasps as her voice gets caught in her throat. "He dragged me to the kitchen so I grabbed a knife and I stabbed him in his neck and --

Tupac zones out as he closes his eyes while trying to piece together each word that was leaving his friends mouth. "Wait, tell me what the hell is happening?"

Joi slams the housephone down on her knee as she breathes in and out slowly. She then puts the phone back to her ear. "He started hitting me and I panicked.. I got scared and I grabbed a knife and I accidentally stabbed him," she responds more calmly and Pac sighs, shaking his head. "He tried to run out of the house but I thought that he was gonna go to the police so I dragged him back inside."

Tupac sighs deeply, standing up and putting his hand into his head. "He is alive though.. right?"

June looks down at her boyfriends body that was laying lifelessly in the middle of the living room, his eyes still wide open. "No.. oh my god.. I'm gonna go to prison, do you know what they would do to me? They would probably give me death."

Tupac starts putting on his shoes. "Just calm down, June." He tells her, walking over to the closet and putting on a plain white tee shirt. "Nobody is gonna give you the death penalty."

June looks down at the phone in shock. "I fucking murdered a famous person. I stabbed him in the neck and when he tried to leave for help, I dragged him in." June responds, her hands shaking bad. "That's life in prison, Tupac.. not that bullshit time that you be doing!"

June runs a hand through her hair. "I have to go. I'm moving to Arizona or some shit.. I'm freaking out!"

He could tell that this was serious now because June hardly ever cursed. He never heard her curse a day in his life and she was cursing up a storm now.

He only lived a few blocks down from their home so he would arrive soon. He considered Dre a friend so he was a little shocked by the news but he doubt that she had killed him. Probably just fainted from seeing too much blood - he was too much of an optimist.

"I don't think I can handle this." June whispers, shaking her hand and looking at her hands that were covered in blood. The only thought on her mind was prison and regret.

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