❝This is so fucked up,❞

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She said it's your child and it really messed me up. How could you deny your own flesh and blood?

Warning // it began getting more and more boring and messy as each paragraph went on.

               June lets out an annoyed groan as she continues searcing around the room that she shared with her husband for her shoes. She had a habit of just dropping her shoes anywhere and forgetting where she put them at later.

               “This house is only so damn big,” she complains, dropping to her knees and looking underneath the bed. Her eyes lights up when she sees the black shoe, she smiles and stretches her arm out a bit, grabbing the shoestring with her fingertips before pulling them from under.

“Why didn't I think to look under there first?” she asks aloud, shaking her head at himself.

               She slides the shoe on and then races to the bathroom, grabbing her wedding ring from the sink and sliding it onto her finger again. She always took it off when she was rushing around the room because she didn't want to drop it and give Pac another reason to be mad.

               June lets out a curse when she hears the doorbell ring. It seemed like nobody came to the house unless she was about to leave, about to go to sleep, or her and Pac was about to do business. No one ever came to the house when she wasn't doing anything.

               She grabs her ear rings from the dresser before racing down the stairs and swinging the door open. June gives the lady standing there a forced smile. “Hi. I hope this doesn't seem rude or nothing, but can you come back later because I'm already running late for work and --”

               The lady shakes her head. “Ma'am, this is very, very important,” she responds and June stares at the lady for a while and then sighs, turning around to look at the clock that hung on the wall. She opens the door wider so the female could walk in. “Thank you so much.”

               June just waves her off and sits on the arm of the chair in the living room. The lady walks around to the other side of the living room and sits down as well. June watches as the lady begins fidgeting around with her fingers. “Ma'am, is everything alright?”

               June was starting to think that this was a set up and the female and someone else was about to rob them. June and her husband, Pac was pretty wealthy because of what he did.

               The room was so quiet that June was about ready to kick the girl out because she was starting to make her feel very uncomfortable, right as she was about to do so, the female finally speaks.

               “My name is Melissa and um.. I know your husband.”

               June closes her eyes and shakes her head, laughing a bit. “Sweetie, everyone knows my husband. He's a famous rapper.”

               “No,” Melissa mumbles sadly. She then stands up and begins digging in her coat pocket, making June's heart fall to her toes, thinking that she was about to pull out a gun or a knife. She calms down when she sees that it was only a couple of photographs. “I think you need to take a look at these, please.”

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