❝Turn around for daddy again.❞

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Pac's eyes flutter opens at exactly three fifteen in the morning, he looks down to where his wife was asleep next to him, but instead of his arm being wrapped around him, they were wrapped around the pillow that she laid on nightly.

He throws his head against his own pillow and lets out a soft sigh as he closes his eyes, she's gone again, he thinks to himself, sighing yet again.

For some reason, June has been sneaking out of the house between one in the morning and returning home around seven in the morning, right before he woke up.

There was this nagging feeling in the back of his mind that kept screaming that she was cheating on him, but his heart was screaming that she wasn't.

The couple have been married for almost three years now, he just knew that she wouldn't throw their marriage down the drain for a short fling.

She would never cheat on him. He kept a roof over their heads, kept food on their kitchen table, bought her new jewelry and new clothes every few days, he even rubbed her feet sometimes.

He slowly steps out of the bed and walks to the dresser next to the TV, pulling out the blunt that he had rolled earlier that morning, he grabs the lighter and places the blunt in his mouth before lighting it.

He could already feel his bottom lip starting to tremble just from the thought of being cheated on - he's been in love with this girl since middle school and to think that she was cheating was tearing him into a billion and one pieces.

Most people would call him crazy or maybe even dumb, and tell him to just leave her, he's Tupac Shakur, there are hundreds and thousands of women out there who would love him and cater to him as if their lives depended on it, but instead, he was chasing after one girl who was (probably) cheating on him.

But what they failed to understand was that she's been with him through thick and thin. Him and June been together before he even thought about becoming a rapper.

All of these other females would probably only want him for the money, the fast cars, the jewelry or maybe even sex, but June wanted him for.. him.

He roughly wipes at his eyes, he was feeling like such a bitch right now. He knew his boys would be clowning him for crying over a female, they clowned him for even marrying her.

He grabs the house phone from the hook, dialing his wife's number. He runs a hand down his face as it rings for a little while.

"Heeeeeeey," Pac's eyes lit up in both surprise and shock at the sound of her voice and was about to speak until, "This is June, call me back. If this is you, Pac, I love you!"

He sits the house phone back down on the hook, standing up and walking downstairs to the kitchen. This has been his daily routine for the past three months.

He would smoke, watch TV, eat, think, smoke again, watch a bit more TV, cry, think of his and June's (possibly nonexistent) future, drink a bit of liquor and then pretend to be asleep when she walked back in.

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