❝This is so fucked up.❞ [part two]

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June bites her bottom lip as she looks at the food options on the menu, trying to figure out what she was going to eat for tonight, ignoring how Pac kept looking over his menu to look at her, she knew that he was probably wondering why she all of a sudden decided to forgive him and invite him out to dinner.

               He didn't even apologize, she just woke him up from his afternoon nap around seven o'clock and told him to get dressed and dress fancy because they were going to a very important event; they arrived to the restaraunt that they had met at a few years ago. But then again, if June had never invited him out to eat, the two of them would be in a very sad relationship because he damn sure wasn't about to apologize over some bullshit like what happened.

               June suddenly places her menu down on the table and looks up at Pac, the two of them making eye contact and he furrow his eyebrow. “Did you figure out what you want to eat yet?” she questions and he stares at her for a while in suspicion before looking back down at the menu.

               “I'm not too hungry,” he mumbles, he then places the menu down as well. “maybe the burger thing. I don't know.” June nods her head and places the palm of her hand against her chin and just smiles weirdly at him. “What, June? You been making me uncomfortable ever since we first sat down.” He admits.

               Damn, did me cheating make her go insane or some shit? He wonders, looking at his wife weirdly.

               June didn't even have to respond because the main person who she's been waiting for all night was finally making their way towards their dinner table. June smiles and stands up as she watches Melissa approaching the table. “Hi, hun!” June says sweetly, holding her arms out as she pulls the lady in for a hug.

              Tupac turns around and closes his eyes as he chuckles, he himself didn't even know if the chuckle was of anger or amusement. He looks up at his wife and shakes his head, a smile on his face as he holds his hand out. “Is that what's this is all about?”

             Melissa smiles down at him, grabbing the chair that was next to June and sitting down in the chair. “Hello, Pac, how are you doing this fine night?”

               Pac goes to stand up but stops when he hears Melissa start talking. “If you leave, we will not hesitate to tell the media about your infedility and the baby that you claim isn't yours,” she says, air quoting, “you already have a bad rep, don't make it even worse.”

               Pac chuckles, looking around as if he was waiting for someone to run out with a bunch of cameras and scream that he was being punked, but he didn't see a single camera around, he knew that this was real life and they were now living it. He shakes his head before sitting back down in the spot across from the two women that had set this “date” up.

               He looks over at his wife. “What the hell is going on, man?”

               “This was the only way that we could get you to communicate with her;” June responds, nodding her head towards Melissa who was making faces at the small baby in her arms causing him to show his toothless grin. “like it or not, the two of you are gonna have a conversation all of us are.”

               “I ain't got shit to say to her,” he mumbles with a shrug of his shoulders. “where the hell is that damn waitress?” He asks, looking around for anyone who had on the black and white uniform for this restaraunt.

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