❝You ever take your ass home?❞

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TUPAC HAD A FEELING HIS wife of four years was planning on leaving him real soon. He hasn’t been to sleep in almost three days now in fear that when he woke up in the morning, she would already be gone. It was three in the morming and he was sitting at the desk next to the window, reading notes that him and his wife used to write each other when they were still in the crush stage of their relationship back in middle school.

June and Tupac could talk their friend’s heads off if they allowed them to, but when they got around each other, they would suddenly become socially awkward to the point where they could barely finish an entire sentence without turning into a stuttering mess. After a while, they just decided to start passing notes back and forth since it seemed much easier to do instead of embarrassing themselves around each other. They still had the very first note they passed to each other back in sixth grade. He didn’t even know why he was reading these because all it was doing is making him tear up and sob.

I like your outfit today, June. You look real pretty.

Haha, are you being funny? I have on what ninety nine percent of what everyone else have on. Our uniform!

I know, but you wear it better than everyone else. It’s probably the sweater you have on over your shirt.

Once again, I see two other people in here with a grey sweater on.

Just take the damn compliment, June.

Haha, sorry. You know I hate compliments.

Tupac chuckled and looked over his shoulder at June who was laying on the bed peacefully, her hands on her stomach as she slowly breathed in and out. The male stared at her, wondering how someone could be so damn beautiful while doing nothing. His smile slowly fell when he realized he wouldn’t be seeing that beautiful face for much longer once she left. He ran a hand down his face before turning back around to look at the notes, going to a different page.

You know, I just thought about something.


I remember this lame joke people always say, “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side..” I was thinking about this last night and was wondering why did the chicken want to cross the road? What was happening on his side of the road that made him feel like he needed to get away? He would risk getting hit by a car or something just to get to that other side of the road. But maybe he was a suicidal chicken and by “get to the other side”, they meant that he was going to purposely kill himself just to cross over to Heaven. I want to know what was going on with this chicken and his life that would make him risk getting killed in such a horrible way.

Are you high?

Tupac chuckled, shaking his head. He remembered he was looking at her weird for the rest of the day at school, trying to see if she had smoked weed before she got to class. He didn’t understand what the hell she meant back when they were in school, but now, he understood. She was the only person he knew that could turn a simple joke into something so deep and weird.

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