❝Really? You sure its not Tupac?❞

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June still remembered the time she had buried someone. She was just fifteen years old. It was in self defense but still, it made her feel guilty and terrible.

          Her best friend, Tupac wanted her to come over to his house since his parents were going to be gone for the weekend. She rode her bike to his house and parked it in the backyard, so no one would see it and call Afeni and get them in trouble. He had told her that he would leave the back door open for her, so she could just walk straight on inside.

          They played every video game and board game he had, from Monopoly to Candyland with popcorn and all kinds of other junk food he had around his house. As each hour passed, they grew more and more bored and went from playing games to watching dumb horror movies.

          Around two o'clock in the morning, the two of them began doing prank calls. Tupac made a few prank calls to a bunch of different pizza places. When it was her turn, June just dialed a bunch of random numbers and hoped someone actually answered which barely anyone did since it was so late at night.

          It was her fifth attempt when she had finally gotten an answer. Tupac had dialed a random number for her and when the phone began ringing, he passed her over the phone.

          June grabbed the house phone from the boy and pressed the speaker. She laid on the floor, next to the sofa and Tupac did the same. The phone rang four times before someone finally answers. "Yeah?" The guy answered with a rough and deep voice.

       Tupac was already laughing before June could even say anything causing June to laugh a bit as well. She never did a prank call before so she sucked at it. "Um, sir, would it be okay if I borrowed a wheel from your car?" She asked causing Tupac to put a hand over his mouth as he laughed more.

          The man on the other line was quiet for a long time and they began thinking he had hung up but he spoke after about thirty seconds. "What's your name, kid?"

          "Bob." She responds, saying the first name that came to mind. Tupac looked at her. He was sure the man realized that he was talking to a female. And he doubt that there was a girl named Bob around.

          "Really? You sure its not Tupac?"

        It hit the two of them like a brick. She looked up at Tupac who's face was full of fear. June hung up the phone, not wanting to be on the line with whoever that person was for a second longer. "Pac, who the hell was that?"

          "I - I don't know."

          "Does your caller ID have your name or something?"

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