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Warning // Domestic Violence!

Brenda charge into her daughter's room and June jumps hard, looking away from her television that was showing an old episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Her mother never calmly opened the door, she practically drop kick the door as if she was gonna catch June cheating with another set of parents or something.

June looks back at her mother in annoyance, but Brenda pays her no attention and speaks, "somebody on the phone for you," she says and June mouths who, her eyes a bit wide. Brenda sucks her teeth and puts the phone back to her ear, "Can I ask who's speaking?" Brenda pauses for a bit, "Tupac.."

June quickly shakes her head no, Brenda furrow her eyebrows in confusion, tears were nearly about to fall from her daughter's eyes and she was confused as hell because just a few weeks ago, June was talking about how amazing of a boyfriend that he was and how she was gonna marry him and have children.

Brenda puts the phone back to her ear, still looking at June warily, "she's sleeping right now, but I can probably leave her a message if you want me to." she pauses once again, "okay, bye, hun."

June lets out a sigh of relief, falling back on her bed, looking back at the television, knowing that her mother was about to be grilling her all day. "Thanks," she mumbles.

"What the hell was that about?" Brenda questions, June roll her eyes, running a hand down her face, annoyed. "Wasn't you so in love with him last week and the week before that?"

June glares at her mother from the corner of her eye, "things change, people change and feelings change." Brenda was about to say something else but the younger quickly interrupts, "Look, I really don't feel like talking about him, please, not now, not today, not ever."

Brenda just holds both hands up, walking out of the room and shutting the door closed behind her. June looks at the TV again, watching as Ashley and Will start dancing, she could feel her bottom lip start trembling and before she knew it, tears began dripping down her face.

Stop it. It's alright. He cannot hurt you anymore. You're safe. You're free now. She tries to coach herself, wiping at the tears that seemed as if they fell more the more she tried to wipe them away.

That entire day felt as if it had happened just a few moments ago:

June couldn't believe that her asshole of a boyfriend had embarassed her in front of nearly a thousand people inside of her favorite club - she had a perfect repuation there and now she would just be known as "the chick who was dragged out the club by her boyfriend."

She was a bit drunk and it was three o'clock in the morning as he drives them back to their home, her arms were crossed in front of her chest angrily and his hands were gripping the steering wheel so tightly that he would definitely leave a print on the palm of his hand.

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