❛Then go like the song with somebody else.❜

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wallflower: a person who has no one to dance with or feels shy, awkward or excluded at a party.

               Tupac hated how he listened to his friend, Andre about coming to this crazy and wild ass party that someone from their school was throwing - he hated that his once clean white shirt now had green and pink on the front of it because some drunk female must of thought that he had on a sign that said PUKE HERE because that’s exactly what she did.

               She didn’t even apologize, she just giggled and began wiping at his shirt with her bare hands which only smeared the acid in even more causing her to laugh even harder before stumbling off.

               He wanted to leave so bad, but Dre was his ride back home and he took the keys with him when he went upstairs to do whatever with some female, and he definitely was not about to go opening door after door just to get a pair of keys.

               He grimaces as someone opened the balcony door causing the air to blow and the smell of the mess on his shirt to fill his nose. He would just take the shirt off, but knowing how wild this party was, the females might think that he wanted body shots or some shit.

               He looks down at the watch on his wrist and sighs, shaking his head. It was now ten thirty and he was tired out of his mind. He told his mom that he was heading to Dre house to study for Finals, when really, the only thing being studied was the breasts of the females who were walking around the party butt naked.

               He noticed that there were many sizes, shapes and figures of the female body. He wouldn’t had known that before - because (don’t tell anybody, but..) he was still a virgin. He was cute and had a pretty high status around school, he was voted as Prom King and was even voted as Most Likely to Be Famous.

               Because of that, people thought that he would enjoy social gatherings and these wild parties but in reality, he hated them more than anything.

               He would always become anti-social and standoffish in public places and parties which made majority of the people think that he was conceited and stuck up because he had a high status. He just didn’t know what to say, really.

               He jumps a bit when he feels someone tap him on the shoulder and he turns around, hoping it was Dre so the two of them could get up out of here, but he frowns when he sees that it wasn’t.

               June furrow her eyebrows as she laughs. “Damn,” she says, watching the dude stare at her blankly. “I must of ruin your entire tonight from that look that you just gave me.”

               He leans foward, resting his elbow on his knee as he stared forward with a stoic expression on his face. “You did,” He responds truthfully. “I’m waiting for somebody and..” he turns and looks her up and down before continuing. “You ain’t that somebody.”

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