❝I have a child to take care of,❞

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June sat inside of her car, staring at her husband that was sitting in some fancy five star restaraunt with the female that he was cheating on her with. She takes a cigarette out of her bra before putting it in her mouth and lighting it, she takes a few puffs as she leaned back in the seat, staring at the man and female.

She looks in the rearview mirror when the eleven month old child in the carseat began making a whimpering sound. She rolls her eyes, thinking the child would wake up but she sighed in relief when he just covered his face with his small hand and went back to sleep.

She looks back at the window where her husband was. She takes another puff of the cigarette, slowly nodding her head as she watch the female laugh at whatever her bastard of a husband had said. She looks in the backseat of her again where she saw the bat that she would use to fuck up all of his shit - maybe even fuck up him with it.

She was so tired of him cheating on her. This shit had been going on for almost two years now. She couldn't help but look at the female and think why her? What did she have that she didn't? Looks? Brains? Higher sex drive?

But June knew it definitely couldn't be any of those three things. She graduated with a 4.5 GPA, she was voted as Most Likely to Become a Supermodel and Best Looking and she knew no one could have a higher sex drive than her, so what the hell was it?

She watches as Pac and the female lean over and kisses each other on the lips, grabbing each other hands as they smiled at one another.

Her eyes slowly travels over to the car that he had bought himself with his hard earned money he got from rapping. The same car that he probably did so many females inside. The car that was about to be in the dump very soon.

She leans over backseat and wraps her hand tightly around the bat before she slowly opens the car door and storms to the car, her heart pounding hard in her chest in both anger and hurt.

Tupac and his mistress, Alicia, sat inside the restaraunt with a big smile on their faces. He smiled and nods his head as he listened to the female talk about her childhood memories. He loved how she talked about her childhood with a certain glint in her eye. She must of had a really good childhood.

He nods again as he goes to put a piece of fish in his mouth but before he could, he jumps a bit when he hears a loud noise from outside the restaraunt. He turn to look outside and Alicia does the same.

"Damn," Tupac laughed as he shook his head. "That bitch going to work at that nigga car." He says while still laughing.

Alicia stared for a few seconds before responding. "Um, Pac?" she speaks and he responds with a yeah, watching the scene in front of him as if it was a horror movie on the best part. "I think thats your car."

He stared for a few more seconds. "Ah shit!" He curses as he stood up so fast that he knocked the chair down in the process, running outside to his crazy ass wife that was going at his car. "June!" He screams as he raced out the doors of the restaraunt and at the female. "June, what the fuck are you --"

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