❝Dinner it is, beautiful.❞

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June tilts her head back as the camera man continues snapping photos of her while praising her and telling her different poses to do for him. He smiles before speaking, "Nice, June, nice, now we just need you to lay back on the couch and make a seductive, sexy look to the camera."

June nods her head, pulling her hair in front of her shoulder a bit, doing as the man said, she looks to the camera just as she hears the door open but she couldn't see who it was since the camera man was still standing in front of her, so she ignores it.

As long as nobody was screaming or running around, things were obviously alright.

A few moments later, Maria, her manager walks up behind her and taps her on the shoulder. June holds up her index finger to the camera man and he nods, backing up. June looks back at Maria and her eyebrows furrows when she sees Tupac standing next to her.

Maria was looking so nervous and a bit out of place since she wasn't the type that was into rap music, even though she was managing someone who talked about sex, men and getting high in almost every single song that she recorded.

"Yes?" June says slowly, leaning up from the couch, feeling a bit insecure since instead of his eyes being on her face, they were on her chest. Even though she sung about sex, doesn't mean that he could openly stare at her breast.

"Um.. June, this is that rapper dude from that song California Love," she states the obvious, June chuckles a bit and nods her head. "and he wanted to meet you and stuff," with that being said, Maria quickly turns around and walks off back to where she was previously sitting at a small wooden table where she was reading over June's schedule for next week.

June looks back at the man who were standing in front of her. "Is there a reason you wanted to meet me?" June questions with raised eyebrows and Tupac nods, clasping his hands together.

"You gonna be one of the women in my music video," he says causing June to jerk her head back and look him up and down as if he was out of his mind.

He didn't even ask if she could be in their music video, he practically told her that she was gonna be in the video. June clears her throat before speaking, "First of all, if you would of asked then you probably woulda got yes but right now it's definitely a big fat ass no."

He laughs, rubbing his hand over the nonexistent goatee on his chin, "That was a bit straightfoward, huh?" He says and she nods her head, giving him a closed mouth smile. "I mean, in your songs you always talk about how you like a dude to get straight to the point and be the demanding one, ain't it?"

"That is what Queen likes, Queen is just my alter persona for when I'm performing on stage or for when I'm doing interviews," she looks around, holding her hand out. "and from what I could see, I'm not doing neither of them, so right now I'm June, which means you need to respect me."

His eyebrows comes together as he smiles as if he was giving her a round of applause. "A girl who is feisty and tells how she feels, I like it."

June just stares at him and when his eyes trails down to her chest area again, she speaks, "Mr. Shakur, it's nice meeting you and all but I kind of have a photoshoot to be doing for a magazine," she tells, pointing behind him where William was still standing with the camera in his hand, "but that cannot happen if we're having a conversation."

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