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June sighs and shakes her head, she hated that she had allowed her friend to talk her into coming to this party that Deathrow Records was throwing. Her friend was one of the women in Pac's music video, How Do You Want It and the two of them connected pretty well, so when Pac had invited Ashanti and told her that she could bring a friend, she instantly dialed June's house number.

The main reason that June didn't want to go is because there would be only (or mostly) famous people there but she finally agreed after Ashanti offered to give her forty five dollars is she came.

The other reason she was hesitant on coming is because is because Tupac Shakur would be there. He was very high up in the music business and she just knew for a fact that he would be one of those stuck up and conceited celebrities who wiped their asses with one hundred dollar bills.

June looks around the building, her heart was pounding hard in her chest. She's only been here for thirty minutes and she already ran into Dr. Dre, Snoop, Suge, and The Notorious B.I.G, the only person who seemed to be MIA right now was the one and only Tupac Shakur.

"Man, I'm telling you, she had one of those asses that just push out!"

Spoke too soon..

June peeks over her shoulder, spotting Pac and Suge who was walking towards the table that her, Ashanti, Dre and Snoop was currently sitting at. She quickly turns back around just before the two of them could make eye contact.

Snoop looks over at June and laughs a bit (then again, he's high, he was laughing at everything tonight), "Let me guess, you a Pac fan?" He questions.

Before she could answer the question, Ashanti does so herself. "Not that," she says after swallowing whatever drink that was in her cup. "she swears up and down that Pac is gonna be one of those uppity people," Ashanti explains and Snoop jerks his head back. "Exactly! I'm trying to tell her that Pac is a very laid back and chill person - his songs may be crazy and reckless but he cool --"

"As long as you don't cross or threaten him, the two of y'all cool.." Snoop adds on and June nods her head. She was a very nice person, she knew that she would never threaten no one nor purposely cross someone's boundaries. "Yo, Pac!" Snoop calls out causing June's eyes to widen a bit and she starts shaking her head no but it was too late, he was already walking towards them.

Tupac nods at both Snoop and Dre before looking over at Ashanti and smiling. "Look at you, looking all sexy beautiful and shit," he says with a big smile on his face, Ashanti stands up, her drink in her left hand as she does a little twirl, her red dress spinning with her. "Who you putting on for?" He jokes.

Ashanti playfully sucks her teeth and waves him off, sitting back down next to Dre and he places his arm back around her shoulder. "Oh!" she snaps her fingers together, "Pac, this is my friend, June. I told you about her on the phone."

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