❝You're not the only bitch who wants me,❞

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I hope he makes the biggest mistake, the unforgiveable, and makes your heart break. I hope you tell him, sorry, he's just not enough, and it goes from good to bad, so I can have you back.

               Tupac watches as his ex girlfriend and his ex best friend walk down the hallway hand in hand with a big smile on their faces. He shakes his head as Bryon bends down and kisses June on the forehead and she giggles like an annoying little school girl.

               He turns back around and slams his locker closed before picking up his bookbag from the ground and walking to his first period class. He still couldn’t believe that the man he called his friend for over three years had stole his girl — well, his ex girl — but that didn’t matter.

               He was the one who taught her everything. He taught her how to drive. He taught her how to cook. He taught her how to write music and he even taught her how to act. He taught her everything. The two of them been together for almost two years and she wanted to throw that away over one small mistake.

               He had a feeling that her and Bryon been wanted to get together but couldn't because she was with him. He found it strange that the two of them had gotten together just two weeks after they had broke up. He shook his head at that thought — even though he was the one who cheated, he was madly in love with her and would die if they were both just using him to get close to each other.

                He looks up at the wrong time because as soon as his eyes moved up, he saw June wiping what was most likely her lipstick from the side of his mouth before smiling at him and walking into the classroom. Bryon stares at her butt for a few seconds before biting his lip and turning on his heels, leaving the room to walk to his own class.

               Pac clenches his teeth together angrily. He really felt as though god was punishing him for cheating on June. He knew that he messed up but seeing her with other dudes was really doing something to him and he hated it.

               When she had first broke up with him, he had just shrugged his shoulders and said, “oh well, you not the only bitch who wants me,” but days later, he realised that even though there were other females who wanted him, he didn’t want them, he only wanted her but he ruined it.

               He honestly didn’t want to see her happy with anyone else. He would rather her be crying and heartbroken while thinking about him instead of her moving on and finding someone else — but she wasn’t — so instead, he had to wish and hope that Byron make a mistake so big that she would have no choice but to break up with him. He hoped and prayed that Bryon made her heart break in the most unforgivable way.

He hoped that one day, June woke up and realised that Bryon isn't the same person that Pac was and tell him that he isn’t good enough for her.

               He knew that it was selfish of him to say or even think about something like that, but that was the only thing that kept him holding on to their love. He wanted her to become so heartbroken that she would run into his arms and cry, he would kiss her forehead and tell her that everything would be okay and that he was sorry and then she would take him back without even thinking.

               He knew that when people were in a vulnerable or weak state, they would do things without even thinking and she would sleep with him, not even caring about the pain and heartbreak that he had caused her in the past; not caring about the days and nights that she stayed up crying and broken because of him.

               He couldn’t wait for the day that Bryon fucked up so bad and he would make sure that he be the first one there to grab, hold her and tell her that she would be better off with him.

AUTHOR SPEAKS: I know this is short as hell but I have writers block and I haven't posted in a while and this is the only thing that I could think of.

OH, and someone asked me what skin complexion June was and I think that you should be able to imagine her however you want. I want my readers to feel more.. connected to her. Like, imagine you're in a movie or whatever and you're playing a character named June.

I can't say that you're playing June and then I'm putting a different skin color on you other than the one that you are.. If that makes sense..?

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