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Hello. From the title of the chapter, you can easily tell that this isn't an update BUT I will be posting one soon though — I'm just going to get with the point of this chapter.

               I'm thinking about writing a book, but I'm kind of nervous though because I only write Imagines and I'm afraid that I won't be able to comple the whole book, and I don't want my readers to be enjoying the book and then I come out of the blue and unpublish it weeks later.


Title: The Rosary

Description: IN WHICH ERIC WRIGHT, an eleventh grade math teacher becomes involved with a not so innocent seventeen year old child by the name of Eliza Mills.

“Isn't your father a preacher, baby?” Eric questions and she looks up at him with her bottom lip between her teeth and nods her head slowly. “then you need to ask him to pray for me because you done turned me into a sinner, beautiful.”

Title: Fool In Love

Description: IN WHICH TUPAC SHAKUR, a hopeless romantic will go to any length to get the girl of his dreams, even murder.

“We were meant for each other,” Pac says while holding the bloody knife tightly in his hand. He didn't know if his heart was beating so fast because of andredaline or fear, but he fucking loved it. “you know it.” He whispers, kissing her bloody temple.

Title: January

Description: IN WHICH TWO TEENAGERS fall in love with each other in just thirty one days.

“You are so fucking beautiful to me,” Clifford tells her, she looks over at him and shakes her head, chuckling. He reaches over and touches her cheek. “Really, you are.”

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