❝Mr. I-Spend-Money-Just-To-Spend, huh?❞

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        ❝I left my girl back home. I don't love
her no more.❞    

Tupac walks into the club and takes his hands out of his coat pocket. He almost wanted to strip all the way down because it felt so good in there compared to how it was feeling outisde.

              It was mid December and it was snowing hard as hell outside, you would have to be a fool to come to the club now, but Pac needed to get away from home. He was becoming bored of his girlfriend, he no longer loved her. She would never know that though.

               He lets out a sigh before sitting down on one of the stools at the bar. He takes off the black Burberry Cashmere trench coat that he had bought for only two thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars. To most people that was too much money to spend on a simple coat but he had so much money saved in his bank account and in his pocket that he could flush seven hundred dollar bills down the drain each day and still have money to blow on that same day.

            He sits the coat across his leg and sighs once again. He knew that he needed to at least call and tell Kidada that he would never be home again but he just didn’t see the need to. She would get the hint eventually.

               “Good evening,” a voice suddenly says and he looks up and makes eye contact with a lady who had on what looked like a bra and panties. He pulls his head back a bit, studying her. He found her to be extremely sexy; probably even more sexier than Kidada. “Um.. Can I get you anything to drink, sir?” June questions after not getting a response with her greeting.

               Pac nods his head, looking behind the bartender at all of the liquor choices that he could choose from. He hums for a few seconds before saying, “Whiskey,” June raises an eyebrow in amusement before turning around and fixing the drink. “What?” He questions her reaction to his choice of drink.

               June looks back over her shoulder and smiles before responding with, “I can tell what someone is going through based on their order. Ninety percent of the time I am correct.”

               He responds with another hum, nodding his head. “Wanna tell me what I’m going through.”

               June tilts her head to the side, leaning across the counter with a focused and concentrated look on her face as she stared at the man. She noticed that he didn’t look away or down as she studied him, that told her that he was either very confident or arrogant.

               Most people who she studied told her that her beauty was very intimidating and that her staring at them for too long was making them insecure so they couldn’t help but look away.

               “I noticed that you ordered Whiskey, most people who order that drink is usually going through a breakup; your girlfriend or boyfriend, I don’t know, broke up with you and you are stuck and trying to figure out why,” she pauses and looks at his hands that were repeatedly tapping against the tabletop and she smiles, “You have a wedding ring on your finger so that means that you still love her and refuse to take off the ring, or you’re gonna take the ring and pond it, so you won't be broke later.”

               He smirks and shakes his head, wanting to tell her that he could never be broke. His whole family was rich.

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