❝He's about to kill us!❞

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Tupac walks into the house that he shared with his wife, June. He had a long day at the studio and he was really looking forward to one of the amazing back rubs that she always gave him.

"June, I'm home, baby!" Tupac calls out, sitting the carton of milk down on the kitchen table and walking to the living room as he begins taking off his shirt and pants, leaving him in only boxers.

He sits down on the burgandy couch, leaning his head against the back of the sofa and closing his eyes. He's been at the studio for fourteen hours straight - from nine in the morning to eleven at night and he was tired as hell but couldn't go to sleep until this ache was out of his back.

He opens his eyes after a full minute of her not coming downstairs - usually she would had been ran downstairs and begin kissing all over him and telling him how much she missed him and then she would start on his back.

"June!" He calls out again but still gets no response. "This freaking girl here," he mumbles before shaking his head and standing up as he begins walking towards the stairs, eyes feeling droopy. He walks down the short hallway until he finally reaches the bedroom and he swings the door open just as she slam the closet door shut. "I been calling your --"

He stops speaking when he notices that she only had on her bra and panties. He smirks and looks her up and down, biting his bottom lip. "You been waiting for daddy to come home, ain't it?"

June nervously smile and nod your head. "I missed you," she say, her eyes wide as she stare at him, feeling very guilty. She was afraid that he could see her heart pounding through her chest.

This man kept a roof over her head, made sure she were alright everyday, bought her any and everything she could ever want and she cheated on him with someone he considered his friend.

Even worse, that "friend" was currently hiding in the closet, probably feeling the same exact way that she was.

Tupac furrow his eyebrows, "Damn, you alright? You sweating bullets, baby." Tupac says while laughing a bit and she letsbout a nervous chuckle, running a hand through her hair before walking over and sitting down on the bed. He looks at her and shakes his head.

June was a weird person at times.

"I'm about to take a shower and then we can start on-" he slides his hands down his body in a joking manner. "all of this." He turns and starts heading towards the closet but June quickly stands up and runs to stand in front of him. "What the hell you doing?"

"I have a surprise in there for you," she lies, looking him straight in his eye. "You can't see it until your birthday though."

He squints his eyes, almost closing them and then tilts his head to the side a little bit. "So I can't go in the closet for an entire month?"

June shakes her head and points to the bathroom. "Just go and I'll look for you something to wear, alright?" she tells him and he lets out a small sigh before holding up both hands and backing up a few steps. "I wanna go out tonight."

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